What is the time to return to Xpeng stock?

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) The stock has sold off with the benchmark index accelerating further for fear of delisting on the US exchange. The Russian aggression in Ukraine Higher oil prices have led to a tendency to focus more on alternative, sustainable and clean energy alternatives. EVs gain the most focus because higher gas prices pave the way for more EVs. The company has started launching its P5 family SUV EV in Q4 2021 and will launch its flagship G9 in Q3 2022. Despite the dramatic sell-off of shares, Xpeng is still seeing triple-digit car deliveries that are boosting triple-digit revenue. . Wise investors awaiting exposure to the EV market may see an opportunistic pullback in Xpeng’s stock.

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Fiscal Q4 2021 earnings release

On March 28, 2022, Xpeng released its fiscal fourth-quarter 2021 results for the quarter ended December 2021. The company reported a loss of earnings per share (- $ 0.22) (- $ 0.22) vs. Consensus Analyst estimates a loss (- $ 0.32), a $ 0.10 beat. Revenue rose 200% year-on-year (YoY) to $ 1.34 billion, exceeding analysts’ estimates of $ 134.46 million. Quarterly vehicle supply rose 222% to 41,751. Delivery of the P7 Smart Sports sedan increased 150% YoY to 21,342 in Q4. A total of 5,030 P5 smart family sedans were delivered in December 2021, with more than 50% supporting XPILOT 3.0 or XPILOT 3.5. Quarterly gross margin hits 12%, 4.6% YoY. Full-year deliveries rose 263% to 98,155 vehicles. The full year gross margin reached 12.5%, 7.9% YoY. The physical store has grown to 357 stores in 129 cities. Xpeng brand super charging stations have grown to 772 locations in 308 cities.

Conference Call Takeaways

Xpeng CEO He Xiaopeng set the tone, “As we move towards 2022, we are seeing more demand for our products, which is surpassing our production. In order to carry the huge order backlog from 2021 and to quickly deliver our newly acquired orders earlier this year, we have completed the technology upgrade of our Zhaoqing plant during the scheduled downtime during the Chinese New Year holidays. By adjusting our sales and distribution schedules, new orders arriving in late February and early March quickly grow and return to the same strong levels as last December’s peak season. Starting March 21, we have increased the price of each product from RMB10,000 to RMB20,000 to go through the increase in the price of batteries and raw materials. ” Xpeng sales will lead the industry in 2022. Deliveries have been somewhat hampered by a technology upgrade at its Zhaoqing plant, which is in March. The company has delivered 60,000 P7 smart EVs, making it a blockbuster model that has established itself as a new benchmark in the Chinese industry. Xpeng expects to surpass 10,000 P7 deliveries per month. Delivery has begun. The company plans to launch its flagship SUV model G9 in Q3 2022. Doing so, “The G9 represents the most advanced technology that Xpeng has built over many years of built-in advanced software and core. As a result of the hardware, the performance of our G9 is above the head and shoulders of popular SUV models in the same category. I firmly believe that the G9 will become a blockbuster model for the medium to large sized smart electric SUVs in the market. “

March 2022 Delivery

On January 4, 2021, Xpeng announced a monthly delivery record of 5,700 Smart EVs for December 2020, including a record 3,691 P7 sports sedans and 2,009 G3 smart compact SUVs. December deliveries represented 326% YoY growth and 35% sequential quarterly growth. The company delivered a total of 12,964 smart EVs in 4 Q4, representing 303% YoY and 51% sequential growth, and exceeded its own Q4 estimate of 10,000 car deliveries. Total full-year deliveries were 27,041 units, representing an 112% improvement over 2019.

What is the time to return to Xpeng stock?

XPEV opportunistic pullback level

Using rifle charts in weekly and daily time frames provides a near-term view of the landscape for XPEV stocks. Weekly rifle chart downtrend is around .8 17.89 Fibonacci (Five) layer. The weekly 5-period moving average (MA) is stalling at $ 27.49, followed by the 15-period MA at 36.87 and the 50-period MA at 38.81. The weekly stochastic is trying to back up through the 20-band. Daily lower Bollinger Bands (BBs) at $ 17.11 fib. Weekly Lower Market Structure (MSL) Buy Trigger Form above $ 30.13. The daily rifle chart has a pop breakout as the 5-period MA starts rising again at 28.11 and the 15-period MA rises to 26.97. Daily Stochastic is forming a small puppy in the 80-band. The 50-period MA sits at $ 32.49 and the 200-period MA $ 40.22 at the upper BBs $ 33.59. Wise investors can look for opportunistic pullback levels at $ 26.19 fib, $ 25.47 fib, $ 22.75 fib, $ 21.79 fib, $ 19.61 fib, and $ 17.89 fib. Upside trajectories range from $ 36.50 fib level to $ 48.06 fib level.

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