Want to invest in NFTs? Research how and find the next potential big hit.

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Having been in NFT space for a while now, I have witnessed the meteoric rise of many NFT projects and collections.

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The NFT, crypto and blockchain markets are still in their infancy, so strong market data and signals and investments for a good NFT project can be difficult to obtain and analyze effectively, so information is often disseminated through word of mouth and social media posts.

Friends and family who weren’t keenly interested in the cryptic three-letter “NFT” (non-fungible token) last year are now suddenly looking for information on NFT with deep interest and excitement so they can join (and not miss) creatively and digitally. By) revolution

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Public interest in early 2022 has grown significantly due to the increase in NFT and crypto adoption by the press and celebrities in 2021, as described in the articles. The vultureIts celebrities love NFT, soon you will too.

Once an NFT novice nonsense jargon (see NFTs fall prey to non-friendly terminology), a digital wallet (e.g. Metamask or Coinbase) and a few hip Oz collections, such as the Board App Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, are empowered and ready to dive.

Start with NFTs

I always get the first question, “But wait, now that I understand everything, which NFT should I buy?”

As an industry consultant and public figure, they naturally ask me. “It’s not financial advice.” And I reassure that here too. I am not a financial advisor and I have no control over the market or the future of the project. Like any new venture and market, there is a risk that it may not work.

I’m always happy to share what I’ve found, however, the golden rule of NFTs and Crypto is DYOR: Do your own research!

To support a recommendation, I usually equip my friends and family with some basic tools and tips to increase the size of a decent NFT project. This will include topics such as their team research, track history, setup, editing, social numbers and engagement, artwork, originality and rarity. After newcomers understand how to increase the size of an NFT project (and how to avoid bad or bogus projects), I recommend collecting NFTs that I have personally collected or been involved with at some point – where I already have some outstanding. Perseverance, and have a decent idea about the team, the roadmap and the structure.

Look for mid-level NFT projects

When collecting, it is best to look for mid-level projects, not low and not high. Getting into high visibility projects is usually impossible, off whitelist and extremely expensive. Winning over them seems difficult, in contrast, low-end projects do not gain traction or traction although they are much easier to enter. I have found my sweet spot with projects in the middle of the road, and there seems to be a lot of good risk and success in the middle.

Be skeptical

Some digital art collectors rely on social media statistics and discord numbers to evaluate a project, which can be fatally manipulated. I’ve seen projects use bots (robots / automated software) to impersonate more users or add computer-generated users. So it’s really important to go to length with your research, not just rely on huge numbers of conflicts.

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While on the subject, be wary of conflicting scammers, be careful. Do not accept direct messages, many have been deceived by sophisticated hostlers. This is a great place to look for community, updates and roadmaps for a project, but be extremely careful about what you click and don’t contact anyone unless you’re in a 100% trusted community and don’t leave a direct message. Read the Crypto Wallet Hostel – all you need to know for tips on how to stay safe.

Expected return

In my humble experience in the NFT market, NFT purchases may not give 80% return, but usually decent returns are available on 10-20% of collected projects, and if they can be traded at the right price, they can generate substantial revenue. Returns compensation for loss of 80%. This is due to many factors including market demand, product quality and roadmap but not limited.

The beauty of the NFT market is that it is very much like the Internet when it was first established and the emerging technology companies jumped into a new industry with huge passion, innovation and drive. The NFT market is not overly saturated, most people in the world still do not know it exists, and there is huge room for improvement and new resources, so it is constantly growing and this makes it very exciting.

In the NFT space, I have found a place to combine all my accumulated skills, talents, knowledge and network and to excel in an emerging market where innovation, development, collaboration and influence are my second nature. Be sure to keep an eye on our latest docu-series NFTme from our award-winning US TV and film production company Tech Talk Media about the NFT events unfolding before us and the digital revolution.

I see NFT makers

Micha Klein’s Cryptopiles: A 10,000-piece NFT collection by established OG international artist and digital creator Micha Klein whose work has been exhibited in major museums and galleries worldwide, represented by Christie’s Inc., Sotheby’s and Phillips Auction House and commissioned by the chief. . Over the years, leading artists, including the Fortune 100 brand, and Eminem, who asked Micha to create animations for his rage management tour, gave birth to the famous ‘Pillman’. Micha has developed the Pillman character into 10,000 flamboyant and detailed pill characters for his Genesis NFT drop, with their own NFT in each Cryptopilus collection, which celebrates and commemorates pop culture and music from the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The iconic collection sold out in 11 minutes and is now only available in the secondary market, with individual sales for an NFT cryptocurrency reaching around $ 75,000 each! They have a number of items on the roadmap, including celebrity collaborations, an interactive game, TV and film, and new drops.

Drawing together: Collaboration of 54 leading artists to raise money for mental health awareness created by NY-based artist and creator Alex Alpert. The art piece titled “Draw Together” began as a doodle in the center of a digital canvas to which the artists added, each expressing an explanation of mental health through their artwork. It was minted as an NFT and each individual part was minted by 50+ artists, enabling the project to achieve the objective of raising awareness while giving 100% profit for a good cause. I personally participated as an artist and as a friend of Alex and witnessed the $ 30,000 USD collection for NAMI on 72-hour NFTs for good publicity. The artwork continues to do business in the secondary market, realizing more grants for mental health awareness.

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Fluf World (Flufs, Party Bears, Thingies & Burrows): Created by a New Zealand-based NFT and blockchain team, their collection of 10,000 3D programmatically created rabbit avatars ranging from their ‘Flufs’ Genesis collection, each with their own features and characteristics. Flufs was the 1st real 3D NFT collectible project, a combination of top level animation, movement, sound and background, some of which are actively interchangeable. Providing more NFT drops for each of the Fluf holders, Fluf World now includes Party Bears, Things and Metavers Burrows, including their recent collaboration with Beyond Gaming and Snoop Dogg. Fluff World is a collection of NFT characters and a metaverse ecosystem of a global, creative community. Holders include Snoop Dogg, Dillon Francis, Timberland, Mike Shinoda and rugby player Dan Carter.

NeonFlufs: A collection of 1650 NeonFlufs stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Made by 10 leading NFT artists each. Neonfluffs is an original remix (derivatives) of the Fluff World NFT collection. 1/10 limited edition 1/25 rare edition. One hundred and fifty unique designs, features and personalities. Jonny Caplan, Tom Laroc, Ishita (SoulCurryArt), Yossi Kotler Art, Shadi Shaay, Jafeth (AllYourLittleFaces), Jimena Buena Vida, Dr. Created by and in collaboration with Lemny, ArtBtJaqui, Jake-Andrew Nason, NFT BAZL and others. Notable holders include Snoop Dogg, Pami Hilton (sister of Paris) and Alex Smell (co-founder of Fluff World).

Long Necky: Represented by 13-year-old Nyla Hayes, created by CAA. Nyla made history in 2021 as Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year Artist in Residence and has appeared on CNN, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and other outlets. Prizes include NFT.NYC 2021 – Emerging Artist of the Year and Time Magazine – Resident Artist. Long Necki Ladies and Long Neki Fells are both 3333 unique NFT digital art collections. With notable collectors like Gary Vee, Logan Paul, Steve Aoki and Eva Longoria.

TheMetaArtClub: The Meta Art Club (TMAC) is a collection of 9,888 NFT exclusive works by 35 hand-curated international digital artists. Founded and curated by art veteran Levina Lee (ex-Christis) and Dutch art collector and entrepreneur Frank Smits. The collection bridges the gap between fine art and NFT collectibles and adds curation, connections between artists and collectors, educational activities and additional utilities. Among TMAC’s artists, from Afro-futurism to surrealism, from abstract art to Cubism and much more, a variety of creative styles are captured. With large partnerships in place including Vogue, Brytehall and many more in process. The collection also supports charitable causes and artist development.

Afrodroids: Collection of 12,117 3D Droid NFTs by African artist Owo Anietie + his team. The collection was a pioneer of NFTs for Good, including the first large African NFT collectible drop and a 20% charitable donation written directly to Dream Catchers Academy under a smart contract. The Afrodroids Roadmap includes an animation production studio setup, a movie, metaverse integration, and additional NFT counterparts and airdrops.

Slimhoods: SlimHoods is a collection of 5,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They all wear hoods, but each slimhood is unique. SlimHoods is the first collection of Random Character Collective, creators of Invisible Friends, an all-time top collection.

Brytehall: Launched just last month, Brytehall is a premium NFT marketplace for digital collections brought to you by the owners of Vogue, GQ and Robb Report Singapore. As experiences are increasingly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, Brighthall provides an end-to-end service connecting discerning buyers (collectors and investors) and sellers (creators and artists) with the new digital creative economy. Launching its first NFT drop with top digital artists, Brytehall provides a highly-accomplished curated experience for art collectors and shoppers.

Clelings: A 4,040 version of the Generative Art Project, which draws its aesthetics from the likes of Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit and Neverhood, dating back to 90s nostalgia. Sold out within minutes of launch, the team is working hard to create larger animations for TV and film. Taking the NFTs to the animated series. Creating tomorrow’s Web 3 entertainment brand with clay.

In my understanding and belief, the NFT market is much higher in its infancy, and although the first reaction to paying for a JPG or digital image may be shocking, digital assets and resources are already part of our present and future, and it is only that we devalue or underestimate their value. Leaning to do. The market is still young and therefore, no one knows exactly what will happen, which keeps things very exciting and presents a lot of opportunities, but that means you still can’t (or shouldn’t) re-mortgage your home to buy NFT.

Start small, and work your way up. I believe in long games and the advantage of being first in the market. Only time will tell which NFT and which investment will be most fruitful.

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