Walmart offers 6-figure tracking pay to address nationwide deficits

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To alleviate ongoing customer demand and the subsequent shortage of truck drivers, Walmart announced that first-year truckers could earn up to $ 110,000 for the company – almost double the average salary of truck drivers nationwide.

In addition to the substantial salary increase, Walmart has announced that it will offer a 12-week development program – Walmart Private Fleet – where individuals can obtain their commercial driving licenses, get mentorship and easily transition to their new role on the road. The program was also launched to attract workers internally by paving the way for career in tracking.

But Walmart isn’t the only company that is stepping up efforts to hire more drivers – food distributor Cisco has announced that its drivers could earn up to $ 110,000, including signing bonuses and other incentives, as advertised on its site.

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The fight for more truck drivers is due to the nationwide deficit, which, according to the American Trucking Association, is at a historic high of about 80,000, with the expectation that the deficit will reach 160,000 by 2030.

There is no profit in this vicinity: if companies want to hire and retain drivers for long periods of time, they need to increase their salaries and benefits, which is happening at an increasing rate.

Even before the six-figure salary, Walmart was already offering an average of $ 88,000 a year in 2020. Recent incentives reflect a nationwide deficit that continues to grow, with industrial competition for drivers and consumer demand increasing.

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