Visa creates programs to help content creators develop NFT

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Millions of people and small businesses create content for their social networks every day Some bet it is their main source of income and visas have launched a program in the United States to support them. According to Financial Services Multinational, there are approximately 50 million artists (musicians, photographers, videographers, fashion designers and filmmakers) who participate in an estimated $ 100 billion market. In addition, content creators are one of the fastest growing small business segments each year.

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Analyzing an environment that changes every day (does anyone say metaverse?) Visa has identified an opportunity: to provide knowledge to content creators through strategic consulting. Qui Sheffield, head of financial institution crypto, explains: “The creator of NFTs has the potential to be a powerful accelerator for the economy. We are studying the NFT ecosystem and its potential impact on the trade, retail and social future. Media. Through Visa Creator Program We want to help this new generation of small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of new avenues for digital commerce. “

The year-round program will help producers accelerate the growth of their business using NFT and is open to artists around the world. Areas that the program covers include: NFT, Digital Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Web3, and the creation and understanding of business growth.

The company will select a few manufacturers to participate in the program. If you are interested in participating or learning more about it, you can find more information here.

While NFTs seem to be everywhere, the reality is that not everyone knows what they are. A recent study found that only one in four people in the United States can accurately explain what it is. For creators who want to monetize their content, understanding the world of metavers, NFTs, blockchains and cryptocurrencies is crucial and can be a great opportunity to do just that.

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