Use your online calendar for focus, productivity and resources

In our fast-paced world of technology, innovation and productivity, using a powerful calendar to organize your work and personal life is more important than ever.

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We have constant demands on our time. Meeting requests, urgent work notifications and lots of work on our plate; There is a constant amount of pressure to complete, finish and “button-up” all the work before the deadline.

How about someone who is probably the most successful and richest person in the world Too much Is everything done with such precision and skill on their plate, compared to your ordinary day?

The answer is that they take time to plan their days, weeks, months and even years in advance, using calendars to guarantee them. Focus and productivity. We will Go through a variety of ways to increase your productivity and success using online calendars like Office 365 Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Calendar. Let’s go Let’s get started.

Six Ways to Increase Your Productivity and Success with Online Calendar

Using an online calendar to plan your day, increase your productivity and allow you to stay focused on your most important tasks and priorities Essential If you want to use the maximum every day. You did You may have heard the phrase, “What is not determined, is not accomplished” cannot be further true.

By determining your most important tasks, events, deadlines, and critical work activities, you will set a blueprint for each day, week, and month of your life, and block the parts of time that will be used. Only For your most important work.

1. Set up check-in reminders for important time periods

When a critical work deadline or personal event is approaching your horizon, these types of events are for you. Never Want to miss Life gets busy, and sometimes it feels like you’re moving at a hundred miles per hour. At such times, do you have any plans and add them to your calendar? Will this action guarantee that your most important dates will be met on your calendar and the event will not be forgotten?

Using the “Reminder” feature in your online calendar, you can set a reminder that takes effect a week in advance, a few days in advance, and the day before your important event or timeline. However, how you distribute your reminders, of course, depends on how far the work is – and how much work is needed to complete and prepare the work.

When you first find out about an important deadline or event, take a few seconds to think about the job opportunities you will be responsible for.

If the opportunity is huge and it takes ten or even hundreds of hours of effort to complete it, you may want to deliberately set a “time block” Long ago After the time limit, use the time blocks to focus and work on the task at hand without any confusion.

This will force you to work on that task in advance and will not hold you back until the last day or the end of the week. Can you think of working on a project that requires hundreds of hours of effort a week before the deadline?

Start using your online calendar reminders to protect yourself from being overwhelmed in the future and to hold yourself accountable for where you spend your time.

2. Schedule time blocks without any meetings

Meetings can always come unexpectedly – and often take the most valuable part of your day where you tend to be the most attentive and productive.

A day full of repetitive meetings will prevent you from finishing your work Original Work activities, especially since most of the meetings we attend do not actually require us to be present.

It is unfortunate today The commercial worldWhere meetings are often too “inviting” for participants and not deliberately thinking about who Really Need to be present. Only this one change can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Fortunately, you can start blocking the “No-Meeting” bar in your online calendar today.

All you have to do is determine which time you are most productive and use that time to focus on your most important tasks. And, don’t forget to block that time so no one can schedule it.

Of course, you will inevitably have a “double booking” in one of your time blocks. But, unless the meeting is necessary for you, there is probably flexibility. For example, you might be able to notify the organizer about your time block and ask them to reschedule it at a later time.

3. Deliberately set the time “out of the office”

Deliberately setting “out of office” (or “OO”) time can be a great way to enjoy the holidays. It encourages your coworkers, coworkers and team members to “front-load” any tasks or questions that are left for you.

You can achieve this by setting a date and time for your outing in your online calendar and then notifying your team and colleagues. Ask them to contact you in advance and ask you questions while you are still available

Will this procedure be completed? First, it will You actually let Enjoy Your vacation without any work notification or confusion. It’s nice to know that no pressing questions are waiting for your return. In addition, knowing that there is no urgent “fire” that needs to be extinguished as soon as you return will help you enjoy your vacation in peace.

4. Schedule breaks to stay refreshed

Open your online calendar and Schedule a few short breaks All day long. By scheduling this break, your coworkers will see that you are unavailable at that time. Therefore, they are less likely to bother you or schedule a meeting during that time. It is It is important to take a break in the day and allow yourself to recover, even if only for a few minutes.

When you take a break from focused work sessions, your mind may relax. As a result, you can come back refreshed, allowing you to tackle the following tasks with full force.

5. Connect your online calendar to your mobile device

Connecting your online calendar to your mobile device or smartphone will allow you to receive notifications while on the move. Features like this will allow you to continue things like new meetings or events

This is especially true for anyone whose work requires them to travel constantly. Basically, this is because you will always be connected to your calendar And it enables you to stay in the loop of what’s happening within your organization.

Connecting your online calendar to your mobile device can help you become more efficient, especially when planning your day around important meetings or events.

6. Batch the same type of work together and schedule them

Combining similar tasks and working on them in a “focused bars” effort is one of the best ways to maintain efficiency. As a result, you’ll be able to get your work done faster than you ever thought possible.

Take time to think about which of your tasks or activities are most closely related to each other. Completing these will require similar actions or efforts.

When you’re scheduling these tasks on your calendar, batch them together in blocks at the same time Or group them with adjacent time blocks.

Doing the same thing over and over again prevents your brain from turning into a completely different task. In the end, it makes you more efficient over time. If you want to complete as much as possible, you really can’t go wrong when using the “batching method”.

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