Traders donated 8,000 gallons of gas on the occasion of ‘April Energy Day’

On the evening of April 1, drivers in Mass., Norwood, lined up for a wonderful surprise.


Businessman and social activist Ernie Boch Jr. donated 7,000 gallons of gas to the Rojo Irving gas station in Norwood. If you are reading this and are thinking of leaving now, you are a little late. The campaign began at 6:40 a.m. and the free gas tanks dried up in less than two hours.

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Speaking to WCVB, Boch explained the essence of the generous gift: “I was filing at a friend’s car, and the number went up to $ 107, and it’s insane. And the gas is rising. It always grows in spring and summer, and I Said, ‘Well, I think I should do something’ and we’re here: ‘April Fuel Day’.

Gasoline prices rose about $ 1.50 per gallon last year, which has praised Bach’s efforts by many motorists standing in line. To fight skyrocketing fuel costs, many states have announced tax breaks on gas, and President Biden has said he will release one million barrels a day from the country’s strategic petroleum reserves to help offset price increases associated with sanctions on Russia.

It is expected that Mr. Boch will make a road trip to a pump near you with his generosity.

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