Tom Brady has joined the former CEO’s comeback venture

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NFL star and entrepreneur Tom Brady shocked millions by announcing earlier this year that he was retiring from the game, essentially “don’t mind” before returning weeks later. After nearly 40 days of retirement, Brady reversed his decision and announced that he was returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 23rd NFL season. Now, in his most recent off-field venture, he is joining former Teneo CEO Declan Kelly as a partner in his newly launched firm.

After numerous allegations of sexual harassment, Kelly was forced to step down as CEO of the prestigious PR firm he co-founded. Kelly is known for his connections with some of the most powerful politicians and business leaders in the world. However, allegations of sexual misconduct quickly tarnished his reputation, and after he left Tenio in June, he announced that he would take a break from the industry and quit drinking.

Like Brady, it didn’t take long for Kelly to leave the sidelines and return to the game. A few months after his resignation, Kelly launched his new venture with The Concelo Group, partner Oscar Salazar (former chief technology officer of Uber), Steve Molenkoff (former CEO of Qualcomm) and now Brady.

This may seem like a strange move to Brady, but in the last year he has increasingly focused on his business empire, founding three companies – Brady Clothing, Wellness Line TB12 Sports and NFT Startup Autograph. Oh, and he also took a multi-million dollar stake in crypto firm FTX.

The Consello Group website praises Brady as a “proven leader” and says his “deep knowledge of health and wellness is practiced every day as he continues to set new records and transcend boundaries.”

For Kelly, her quick return is not as strategic as it sounds. After leaving Tenio, Kelly signed a non-competition that barred him from starting a similar PR firm, sources said. New York Post. According to its site, Consello focuses on investing, corporate development, digital currency advisors and consolidation and acquisition advice – a distinct pivot from Tenio, which specializes in business transformation and restructuring.

Although Concelo was officially launched in July 2021, a month after Kelly resigned and a year after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, sources said Kelly had been working secretly for selected big-name clients, including Intel, for several months.

There is one thing in common between Brady and his new partner: the desire to return to the game.

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