To protect its users from cyber bullying, Twitter is conducting an experiment

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Everything indicates Twitter Change. This is not just the arrival of Elon Musk as the majority shareholder of the social network, but also a series of announcements about changes to the platform and new features, such as the long awaited option to edit after a message is published. In addition, the social network has announced that it is testing a new functionality that will allow the user Remove his name label In posts and threads created from other accounts.

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It was first launched in June 2021 under this name “Mentioned” By Dominic Chamoji , Social network privacy designer, this feature is intended to combat harassment and unwanted attention on Twitter. The Twitter security account Uploaded a post showing how the new functionality will work, which will be published on an experimental basis in some user accounts. “We are investigating To mention A way for you to keep your peace and keep yourself out of the conversation, now available on the web (version) for any of you. “

The tweet shows a video showing how users will be able to remove labels mentioned in other messages. Once a tag is deleted, it will not be possible to mention it again in the same conversation, and the username will become gray and inactive.

This is not the only functionality where the network is currently working to address harassment, one of them

How do you say “don’t do me” instead of “do me”?
We’re experimenting with the aforementioned a way to help you keep your peace and keep yourself out of the conversation জন্য now available on the web for some of you.

– Twitter Security (TwitterSafety) April 7, 2022 > Safety Mode (Safe Mode) which automatically blocks users who use offensive language for one week.

According to, 37% of people between the ages of 12 and 17 are victims of online harassment. Measures such as not mentioning and temporarily blocking accounts that attack other users help fight abuse and reduce the effects of electronic harassment, especially on adolescents.

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