TikTok is a favorite social network of teenagers

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Mark Zuckerberg and Meta have tried their best to be the king of social media platforms, and although they have succeeded numerically (according to Statistar, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are among the top five networks with the most users) there is one player who annoys them: Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock . Social network owned by a Chinese company ByteDance Increasingly impressive in recent years (the app has been downloaded 850 million times in 2020), has been able to position itself among the younger audience and show that it has a lot more to offer you additional content.

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Meta has tried to make Instagram the favorite social network of teens, but according to a survey conducted by the company Piper Sandler , It did not succeed. A survey of 7,100 adolescents in the United States between March 16 and 22, 2022 shows that TikTok is a favorite social network 33% with mention, then 31% with Snapchat and 22% with Instagram. Only 3% of those surveyed cited Facebook as their favorite network and 2% cited Twitter.

According to the survey, General Z. Young people spend an average of 4.2 hours a day using social media platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly mentioned TikTok. According to Bloomberg, in a virtual meeting where he recently took part, he noted that the company was facing an “unprecedented” level of competition.

Young people are essential for any platform, because unlike adults, they have not yet chosen the brands of their choice and are more acceptable in advertising messages.

Some other information from the survey

The Piper Sandler survey not only provides information on the use of social networks, but also on the consumption habits in different cases.

Teens’ favorite clothing brands include: Nike (30%), American Eagle (7%) and Luleman (5%). Cosmetic brands include: CeraVe (41%), Cetaphil (8%) and The Ordinary (6%). Footwear brands: Nike (60%), Converse (8%) and Adidas (8%). Bag brands: Coach (17%), Michael Kors (15%) and Louis Vuitton (14%).

Favorite celebrities are Ryan Reynolds and Zendaya, and what worries them most is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the environment.

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