The richest man in the world breaks every rule, and you should too

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Who is Elon Musk? Is he an entrepreneur? An immigrant success story? A Twitter troll? Labels are important because they give context to what can be expected from a person.

Musk recently won the title of the richest man in the world, but I would argue that “the most influential man in the world” might be more appropriate. The effect of musk is not a fluke. This is the result of deliberately distorting the rules and challenging expectations at every turn.

Although financial resources vary widely among entrepreneurs, a computed media strategy is something that every entrepreneur can add to their toolkit. Let’s take a look at the rise of Musk’s reputation, from his publicly celebrated business success to his Twitter games, to see how any entrepreneur can take a note from Musk’s playbook.

Strategy 1: Pour petrol into the fire

In the heat of the dot com boom, the musk was sending sparks to fly. In 1995 he founded Zip2, an internet company that provided city guides and business guides for newspapers, and four years later he became a dotcom millionaire. The Zip2 sold for $ 307 million, and the mask took 22 million.

As public fascination with Silicon Valley grew, Musk invited the camera to see first-hand his success. As millions of people began arriving, he welcomed CNN at 7 a.m. to watch the delivery of his new $ 1 million McLaren F1 sports car.

Although it was difficult for the public to understand the inner workings of Silicon Valley and VC Money, Musk created an instantly recognizable icon in his sports cart. The media wanted a success story, and Musk gave them the final interview.

If you are an entrepreneur, especially in a complex industry, consider how you can get into the wave of pop culture.

Strategy 2: Personalize your business

Although conventional knowledge suggests that business is not personal, Mask’s personality has become inseparable from Tesla and SpaceX. This is not an accident. In his early days, Musk lost control of his own company, learning the hard way that in business, everyone is replaceable.

With Zip2, its investors have hired a more experienced leader, Richard Sorkin, to position the company for an acquisition. After his second company,, became PayPal, he was again fired as CEO while away from office.

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With SpaceX and Tesla, Musk combined his personal goals with his business goals, tying his public personality to the performance of both companies and securing his place at the top. He even changed the title of his job at Tesla from CEO to Technoking.

Everyone can be replaced. Think about how you can combine your universal personality with your company’s objectives to keep your seat at the table.

Strategy 3: Set unrealistic goals

Instead of focusing on a clear path to profitability, Musk has declared the world an impossible feat, such as taking humanity to Mars before death. People love rooting for success against all adversity. As one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, Mask created his seemingly invincible “Goliaths” and positioned his companies as “Davids.”

As an entrepreneur, your goal is not financial and operational. Set goals with the ability to motivate your workforce, attract investors, or engage your customers.

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Strategy 4: Ignore your lane

Entrepreneurs know that the key to success is to stay laser-focused on their goals and objectives. Yet when Kasturi is so busy that he sleeps on an uncomfortable sofa in the office, he always has time for the spotlight.

Except for the bill, most scientists are not attracted to the big screen. Who can be seen except musk Iron Man 2 Rubbing shoulders with Tony Stark, on South Park And SimpsonsAnd chatting with Howard T.He is the Big Bang Theory. For someone who is focused on the progress of mankind, Musk spends a considerable amount of time creating his image.

As a company leader, your role is bigger than keeping the activities disciplined. Follow the unexpected engagements that can bring your company into the spotlight, and they will return you with even greater opportunities.

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Strategy 5: Say what you have in mind

Musk’s stunts range from unusual to inverse, such as naming his newborn son, X Æ A-12 in 2020 and his daughter Axa Dark Cederel in 2022. He uses Twitter as a personal playground, which influences his stock price Own business And Others Using less than 280 characters. From comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Hitler, remember that Barney Sanders is still alive, the mask has no limitations.

Musk’s tweets start at random Baby Yoda MemesTo converse with World leadersThe decision to announce important news about Tesla and SpaceX, for example And do not accept bitcoin.

As an entrepreneur, remember that what you post is a reflection of you and your business. When Mask posts nerdy memes, he confirms that he is part of a subculture with which many of his customers associate. When he provides emergency assistance in Ukraine, he demonstrates the effectiveness of his business goals. When he posts updates about his business, he is signaling to the world and his employees that he is in charge.

Everything that is seen at random is a part of the big media strategy. Think about the images and signals you want to convey, and work accordingly.

All entrepreneurs are law breakers

Where you are because you have challenged a conference, done something unexpected, or created something new. Know your ultimate goal and build your image around it. From there, you can determine which rules were created to be broken and how you can bend them in your favor.

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