The Hunt for the Crypto King “Netflix documentary that depicts life and

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First it was Anna discovers Then Tinder scammer, And now Trust No. One: Hunting for the crypto king , Netflix’s latest documentary based on the life of a scammer. Now it’s about Gerald Cotten Is the creator of a cryptocurrency trading market called QuadrigasiX In Canada


The entrepreneur knew how to identify a growing market and his company had over 115,000 active clients. Together with his partner, Michael Patrin , He created the company in 2013, when very few people were talking about cryptocurrency and they were the first to create a cryptocurrency-enabled ATM network in their country. When Bitcoin Rises in 2017, Partners Merge QuadrigasiX Exchange Or the forex market. The first complaints were heard in 2018: due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of digital currency, many clients tried to withdraw their investment, but could not. Police launched a series of investigations, but before they could reach a conclusion, Gerald Cotton Died in India on December 9, 2018 Crohn’s disease is a chronic intestinal condition that affects the digestive system.

As the merchant died, more clients raised their voices to denounce that they had not been able to access their investment. Company Ernest and Young An investigation has revealed that the company’s wallet was empty and the $ 120 million cryptocurrency owned by more than 110,000 customers has disappeared. Further investigation revealed that Cotton’s partner, Michael Petrie, was in fact a nickname Omar Dhanani He was previously charged with fraud in the United States

The investigation found that Cotton had created several fake accounts to block client funding. The problem is that the passwords were taken to the grave to access these accounts, leaving the fate in the lurch.

That’s the official story, though Luke Sewell The directed documentary explores a number of interesting conspiracy theories. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King A film that explores the mysteries of cryptocurrency and the Internet.

You can watch the trailer here.

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