The easiest way to create and sell your online course (even if you don’t have one)

The easiest way to create and sell your online course (even if you have no audience)

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For many of us who want to create and launch a course, there are many challenges that we need to overcome.

It’s so easy to let self-doubt and fear hold us backā€¦ or convince ourselves that it won’t succeed because we don’t have an audience yet or we don’t know how to sell it.

So in this episode, I wanted to share an incredible conversation I had with 3 amazing women: Kenz Soliman, Katie Tove-Grindley, and Stephanie Latore.

They create and sell our favorite house leaders and business consultants inside the Members Club and in this video, we are chatting all about creating courses!

3 of them created courses, launched them on Udemy and thousands of students joined in just 24 hours!

In this episode we will talk about:

  • The biggest challenges come when we are creating courses and how to overcome them
  • The easiest way to record your course and get out of there.
  • The best platform to host your course when you are just starting out and you have no audience.
  • How to use your course to build your email list and your audience.

Whether you want to create a new online course, or you already have one and you want to scale it and attract thousands of students – you’ll love this episode!

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