The Dolores Olmedo Museum will be located in the heart of “Park Urbano Aztalan”

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Dolores Olmedo A Mexican art collector who played a key role in 20th century Mexico. He had friendships with such great artists Diego Rivera , David Alfaro Sequiros, Jos ক Clemente Orozco, Carlos Pelisser and Salvador Novo, among many others. He is the son of English journalist Howard S. She married Phillips, who helped her enter the world of art and culture (she was even portrayed in several paintings by Diego Rivera). After parting ways with him, Olmedo embarked on a successful career, starting with a small brick business. Little by little, thanks to her willingness to do business, the woman expanded her organization ( CICSA, real estate and construction companies ) Until he sells it to a big construction company like ICA. The woman created a great fortune that she bought and exhibited works of art and a farm south of Mexico City.

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That farm, called La Noria, became Dolores Olmedo Museum , One of the favorite spots for art lovers in Mexico, a magical place inhabited by peacocks and xoloitzcuintles where you can breathe in the cool air and an impressive offer for the Day of the Dead every year. But now the museum is about to move out of the house.

In an interview with Dr. The country The granddaughter of Olmedo, who died on July 27, 2002, has confirmed that a collection of works by Diego Rivera, Frida Cahlo, Pablo O’Higgins and Angelina Belf will be on display at the Arbano Aztlan in the park in 2024, where Chapeltepec Fair Once standing. Despite rumors circulating in the media that the farm would be sold if it relocated to a new premises, Olmedo’s relatives confirmed that the information was false.

The idea of ​​relocating the Olmedo collection is to bring it closer to the people and increase the number of visitors who can enjoy it. Exhibitions and cultural events will continue at Olmedo’s former home farm.

What is Aztlan Urban Park?

Where there Chapeltepec Fair Once standing, in a 5.68 sq ha area, a new park full of walkways and trees has already been set up, which, in addition to mechanical games, is a museum for visitors, an open-air forum free for performing arts, another. For sports events and a dining area, all always celebrate Mexican culture.

Work, carried by Thick Gospel And Thor Urbana , Started last year and will invest $ 3,638 million in the project. One of the main attractions will be a 100 meter high ferris wheel.

The museums will close this year, but the rest of the park will not open until 2023.

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