Sharpen your golf swing with this simple camera training system

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Can’t wait to get the link back? Whether you’re playing for business or pleasure, the golf season is almost back in the north of the country. There are many ways to work your game in the offseason, but nothing measures enough to get out of the course and practice.

Caddy View

If you are determined to reduce your bumps this year or win a few more holes in the skins, Caddy View Golf Training System: Stick, Control and App can help.

Cady View is a groundbreaking innovation for those who are sick of hearing feedback from their friends about their swing, the company says. With Caddy View, you can work to improve your swing without having to pour money into class or hire a camera operator to help you test your swing. This simple system offers a phone mount to connect your smartphone to the Caddy View app and uses a wireless remote to record your swing or take pictures in real time. The patented gear system ensures that the angle is always correct without constantly tilting it while the extended pole allows you to set the perfect camera angle for each shot, no matter where you are in the course.

The Bluetooth ergonomic control has a hanging clip so you can attach it to your pants, belt or hat, making it easy to turn on the camera before each swing. Then, with the help of the app, you can draw lines, rectangles, angles and other tools so that your swing can break it by analyzing fast or slow. You can trace the parabola of your shot to see what your shot looked like and even compare your swing with PGA professionals as well. If you need a little extra help, the app offers over 100 instructional videos from PGA Coach.

Improve your swing this golf season. Right now, you can get the Caddy View Golf Training System: Stick, Control and App for $ 69.99. Get it in black, white, gray or gray.

Prices are subject to change.

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