Russian influentials destroy Chanel bags after brand restrictions

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As a result of the armed conflict against Ukraine, many companies have announced the suspension of their operations on Russian soil. No one elicited such extreme feedback from such consumers Channel . The luxury goods company has announced that, in addition to stopping work on Russian territory, it will not And sells its products to Russian citizens Who want to bring them to the country. This is to comply with the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union (EU) and Switzerland.

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“The most recent EU and Swiss sanctions include a ban on the sale, supply, transfer or export of luxury goods, directly or indirectly, to any natural or legal person, entity or entity in Russia or for use in Russia.” We have put in place a process to ask customers whose initial residence we do not know that the items they are purchasing will not be used in Russia, “the company explained in a press release.

The ban applies to products valued at more than 300 (approximately 328) – most of the channel’s catalogs – and some Russian influentials have stated they will not be able to purchase the brand’s products in France and UAE cities. Joined.

The statement was enough to anger some influential people who decided to use hashtags to reject their measurements on their social media profiles. #byebyechanel .

Victoria floods A Russian man who lives in Monaco and has more than 9.3 million users on his Instagram profile has uploaded a video of him tearing up a Chanel bag with scissors after explaining: “If Channel House does not respect its customers, why should we respect them? Channel House?

Marina Ermoshkina , Influential and actress, condemned the French brand’s Russophobia, adding: “For our Russian girls, the channel plays no role in our lives. Not a bag, not a thing worth loving my country… I’m against Rusophobia, I’m against a brand that supports Rusophobia. The girl who is followed by more than 300 thousand users cut a bag with garden scissors.

DJ Katia Guseva More than 580,000 followers told him: “I say ‘no’ to the channel. They are forcing me to sign a document that insults me, forcing me to reject my homeland for their brand. “She then takes the scissors and destroys a bag.

Although the posts together have more than 100,000 likes, the comments have critical voices that describe their reactions as outrageous and ask if it would be better to sell the bags and donate the proceeds to a good cause. What do you think?

A Chanel bag can cost from $ 1,700 to, 9,200 (and can exceed $ 260,000 in special edition and limited edition products).

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