Russian car brand Lada is facing a shortage of electronic components,

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The war in Ukraine has devastated the whole world: companies are leaving the region, thousands of people are losing their lives, supplies are not reaching where they should be, prices are rising and supply chains are disrupted. Russian car brand Lada This has been affected by the situation, as it has not received the necessary parts and spare parts for several months. Semiconductors, in particular, are tiny electronic components (referred to as chips) that perform complex tasks at awkward speeds. Since before the conflict began, there was already a shortage of semiconductors due to the accelerated demand for chips due to the epidemic. The war makes it more complicated and many Russian companies are forced to stop production. But Lada is not one of them.

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According to Croatian media, INDEX HR, in the face of adversity, the automotive company has decided to look to the past and build cars as before the advent of semiconductors and electronics. The Lada Granta And Lada Niva The models will be built without semiconductor-dependent functions such as airbags, ABS brakes and traction and stability control. Lada will make new cars like the 90s.

Such as the production of other models X-ray The Largas Or lada-vesta Which, depending on the ingredients produced by Renault, will be shut down indefinitely and plant work will be reduced to four days a week.

Ladar’s story

Lada is Russia’s best-selling car brand with a market share of over 23%. Although little known in the Western world (despite operations in most parts of Latin America), it has been in operation since 1968 and has been in operation for years. AvtoVAZ , A company owned by the Russian government. In 2007, the Renault Group Bought 25% of the brand and took full possession of it in 2016 to integrate it into a new line Desia-lada In 2021. The models that have made history include the Lada Classic, which has been in continuous production for over 50 years, the Lada Samara and Lada Niva (funny facts, Vladimir Putin This was one of the disguised 4×4).

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