Platform that lets you invest up to $ 30 in the stock market

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Flink Mexico This is one Fintech Founded by two young entrepreneurs: Sergio Jimenez And Richard Good . It came to the country with the intention of changing the current financial ecosystem, as its purpose is to ensure that anyone with access to a smartphone is likely to invest in safe shares.

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This platform allows you Invest from $ 30 peso And shares of companies affiliated with the New York Stock Exchange without any commission. In return, the user receives a fraction of the company’s shares where he decides to invest his money. Flink started out as a platform that offered savings plans to manage their money efficiently, in addition to offering a bank account with a digital card and a physical card that arrived at the user’s home. The platform did not implement it until June 2020 Transactions Service Allows the user to access the New York Stock Exchange.

It is important to acknowledge that this is a pioneer in the investment system Transactions It opens the door to a range of industries in Mexico and secure and transparent digital tools for those who find themselves in the gap of investing from their savings. The user can at any time consult the behavior of the investor depending on the behavior of the market. Users can sell to reinvest in other companies or you can raise their capital.

It is important to remember that Flink is only a tool that acts as an intermediary to generate income through your investments; You face losses from various behaviors that the stock market shows.

The app is available in the App Store for iOS users; As well as the Google Play Store for Android users. The platform opens the door to a new way for the general public to view investing in the stock market as a tool, and not just for entrepreneurs with high purchasing power, as in the past.

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