Pink Floyd has presented a new song using the voice of a singer who is fighting

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Many of us are members of the British Progressive Rock Band Pink Floyd Getting together is simply interesting. More than 22 years have passed since then Division Bell Appeared on the market and the group went on a world tour (including a few concerts at the Harmans Rodriguez Autodrome in Mexico City!) And although in 2014 they released the instrumental album Endless river It’s actually about Outtech By Division Bell And no new music included.

Now Pink Floyd is back to join the war-rejecting voice. David Gilmore And Nick Mason Presented the song Hey hey rope up Ukrainian singer composed from that recording Andrei Khalinuk (The band’s vocalist Boom box ) A few days after joining the army, after postponing a tour of the United States.

With a gun in hand and in front of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Khalinuk sang the nationalist theme. Capillary red viburnum at Prairie From his Instagram account before going to war. Gilmore, who was with Boombox in a live performance in 2015, was inspired by the voice of Khalinuik and decided to compose one. The result is a powerful part of it, with its electric guitar and Mason’s percussion touch.

All proceeds from the theme song will be donated Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Fund . David Gilmore said he spoke to Andrew Khalinuke, who was stabbed during a fight the day before he was introduced to the song: “I played a part of the song on his phone and he blessed me. We are both looking forward to doing something personally in the future. We want to express our support for Ukraine, and show that the majority of the world thinks that it is completely wrong for a superpower to invade Ukraine, which has become an independent democracy. “

Pink Floyd Rock is one of the best bands in history. It was founded in 1965 by Sid Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright, and was joined by David Gilmore after Barrett left due to mental health problems. Bands responsible for albums like this The dark side of the moon , Animals And The wall . Roger Waters left him in 1985, and Rick Wright died on September 15, 2008.

Boombox was founded in 2004 by Andrew Khalinuik and Andrew “Fly” Samilo, who sang rock songs in Russian and Ukrainian.

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