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A lifetime customer is priceless – With the expansion of Camino Industries, founder Philip Camino leaned towards the concept of customer acquisitions with the understanding that the potential for return on investment is faster than the cost.

Bloom where you are planting – Philip Camino’s effort to gain deliberate acclaim, he learned a valuable lesson when he discovered that restaurants are not recognized as food destinations, they have achieved 2-star Michelin specialty.

Idealize health – Philip Camino puts himself in great shape. He does not drink alcohol and practices mindfulness. Every employee of Camino Industries has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Camino’s health discovery, including a bottle of water.


“How do we strive for excellence every day?” This is the question that Philip Camino uses as the basis for his continued pursuit of the greatness of his hospitality company.

The founder and CEO of Camino Industries has already entered the professional hospitality industry with an impressive track record.

“I had hospitality in my veins in college,” Philip Camino restaurant influencer podcasts about pushing the industry early, CalibbiQu Media’s Shawn P. Hosted by Walshef, “I fell in love with it at the time.”

His love of hospitality led him to Los Angeles where he and partners opened The Hudson, which he was shocked to admit had done well despite the group’s lack of knowledge about the business. Hudson did so well that, in fact, it led him to open up his “flagship”, the Fellow.

Along with Fellows, Philippe Camino began pivoting his branding to create his mark in the fine dining space. In 2019 an eye-opening man came from a Michelin guide ৷ “I’ve been strategizing since the time a person can build a team that will be able to provide this kind of experience.”

The experience he describes is one of excellence. An excellence needed to stand out as a fine dining setting in a place like Los Angeles, which can be more a choice of style than substance.

“If you do it great, people will find it.”

Philip wants to align his strategy with goals every day on each platform. Another of these goals is customer acquisition and targeted marketing strategy. Invaluable for the growth of the camino industry created by those lifetime customers.

High level experience does not stop customers. Camino, a lawyer for health and wellness, spread the idea of ​​self-employment among his employees. Meditation is a big part of his personal life, but Camino begins with one of the most basic exercises for his staff – hydration.

“If you work here, you’ll get a bottle of personalized water,” said Camino

These are the small details that lead to the ultimate goal of continuous excellence. The importance of the family environment and the activism of this concept make Philip Camino an innovative leader in the hospitality industry.


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