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The Covid-19 epidemic proved the wisdom of the proverb, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Businesses that have been steadily improving or floating over the past few years understand the power of this mentality, because they already had multiple revenue streams, or they moved quickly to adapt to the changing landscape.

We often hear about the importance of diversifying a financial portfolio, but this is also true of a franchise portfolio. Forward-thinking, multi-unit franchise operators should focus on diversifying their business to minimize risk, if they are to cope with the ongoing effects of the global epidemic or have only a low performing unit or brand.

Creating a franchise empire of non-competing brands helps a franchisee build a strong aggregate in one location, allowing them to stay in their own city as they expand. Also, franchisees can gain their knowledge about the local market for new ideas.

Investing in different franchise segments may seem daunting, but there are several strategies to help franchisees and investors determine which new brands are the best additions to expand their franchise holdings.

Financial Disclosure: Dan Rowe is the CEO of Fransmart, a partnership with franchising group Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, Rise, Taffer’s Tavern, Pemore, Ike’s Love & Sandwich and Jars.

Look for complementary brands

Those who want to expand the restaurant franchise with other food-related brands should look for a non-competitive, but complementary, concept. For example, if a franchisee already owns an Ike profit and a sandwich shop, adding an all-dessert restaurant jar to celebrity chef Fabio Viviano would be a strategic addition. If they are in the same position, it is normal for customers to be attracted to something sweet after Ike’s meal, especially if it is right next to it.

The complementary nature of the two brands also gives the franchisees the ability to cross-promote. In this situation, the customer database of their Ike franchise would be the ideal place for direct marketing when announcing a new Jars location in the city. Since their customers already like to eat at their local Ike, they will be receptive to a new dessert idea from the same owner. Having an existing, loyal customer base also makes it easier to introduce a second or third complementary concept than the first brand.

Find a new art

The past few years have been challenging for many restaurant franchises, as the industry suffered the most during the epidemic. To understand that restaurants have some limitations and are more sensitive to public health restrictions (now and in the future), franchisees should also consider looking outside the food industry when adding them to their franchise portfolio.

With labor shortages and supply chain challenges still affecting restaurants, many restaurant franchises are looking at alternatives like PayMore, America’s fastest growing new and used electronics and gaming franchise. The concept has a low startup cost and existing franchises are satisfied with consistent profits.

Chris Phillips is an experienced franchisee who owns several Elevation Burger stores in Philadelphia. He wanted to expand his franchise portfolio and initially planned to add another height position, until he found PayMore.

“It simply came to our notice then. Everyone, even young children, has electronics, and the retail market is huge, “says Phillips.” I can open two or two and a half PayMore locations at the same cost of opening a restaurant, with much less headaches. Hours are better, You don’t have to deal with supply chain issues. “

While some restaurant owners may never consider finding a brand outside of food service, it is a strong protection to consider against issues that negatively affect this particular industry.

Find operational adjustments

At first glance, there may be some similarities between the concept of an Asian dumpling restaurant like Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and a Southern chicken like Rise, but on closer inspection their similarities are perfectly perfect. Both ideas were at the forefront of the restaurant technology revolution. They work with both online and kiosk orders, use food lockers for take-out orders, and use useful technology in the backyard. If a Rise franchisee decides to add a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to their portfolio – or vice versa – they will easily understand and adapt to the systems and operations of others. Similarly, if franchisees add it to their portfolio, their technology-savvy customers will probably patronize other concepts. Looking for a smart strategy for such operational synergy for a franchise when choosing a new brand.

Expand into different sections

For franchisees who love the food industry and want to diversify, one option is to choose a different category. For example, many franchises, including Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), should consider adding a full-service restaurant to their portfolio. Launched by Taffers Tavern, recently Bar rescue Star Jon Taffer is a state-of-the-art full-service food store that uses technology and a robotic kitchen to greatly reduce build-out costs and ticket time, making it compatible with a QSR franchise.

The epidemic showed how absolutely unbelievably fast it could turn into a new reality. While no one can predict when or what the next crisis will be, smart entrepreneurs are learning from what has just happened and building structured businesses to better deal with future challenges. Diversifying a franchise portfolio is a difficult and easy way for entrepreneurs to work now to hedge their bets in the future.

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“I’m very proud of my community – it’s because of them that we’re recognized.”

It’s a reward

Tiffany Mason, founder of Harlem Pilates, was buzzing and could hardly stand still when I talked to her about the upcoming episode of Real Job Podcast at Gate. This is understandable when you consider that he runs an exercise studio dedicated to the movement of people and also that he has been nominated as a winner of the Make It Award.

Harlem Pilates is one of four winning businesses offering Squarespace and New York Knicks a 30,000 grant, including a one-year subscription to Squarespace, the use of selected Squarespace marketing inventory, including an annual Unfold Pro subscription, and a feature segment on the MSG network. . “It’s very exciting,” he told me, “and to be honest, I’m still processing it.”

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I spoke with Mason about the introduction and growth of Harlem Pilates and got his insider tips for any entrepreneur who is going to pitch their business to competing judges or investors. Highlights of this conversation, which have been edited for length and clarity

It all started with emotion

“Before I started this business, I was an executive assistant for an advertising agency. And as much as I love my work, what I really love to do is help people. So there was a bit of a void for me. There was a lack of emotion. So I decided to try Harlem Pilates. But I didn’t just jump. I founded the company two years before I started seeing brick-and-mortar spaces. I kept my job and planned very carefully. At that time my apartment was basically a bedroom with a large closet. So I moved all my personal belongings to my closet and was going to turn the larger space into a studio. But when we had our first class in my apartment, it was like, I’m much bigger than I reduced it. That’s when I started taking it seriously. I moved a little faster with the paperwork and started looking at funding options. Then I start meeting the brick-and-mortar spaces and we’re here! “

There is a unique vision

“I definitely think being a woman of color gives me a glimpse into some of the things that black women in particular are looking for when they visit these places. But at the same time, we are available and meet all people. I am very intentional about all the little things in the studio like soap, lotion, scent, feeling, color, music. We have a very clear, minimal feeling because I have experienced places where there were pictures and I could not identify with them. That way, everyone is welcome. “

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Pitching your business

“My biggest advice is to never count yourself. When I first thought about applying for the Make It Awards, I thought there was no way they would notice my small application. We had this little studio in the middle of Manhattan upstairs. By no means! But you can’t disqualify yourself. I’ve been looking for ways to finance Harlem Pilates without going into debt, and I’ve learned and tried this competition. Now, I like paperwork – that’s my strength! . “

Support around you

“The $ 30,000 award is based on the fact that Squarespace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena was lent 30,000 by his father to launch his idea. The story really resonated with me because when you have someone – a family member, friend, bank – within you When you invest and sometimes believe in what you are doing, it makes you more passionate about finding the rest. ”

Empower your business and community

“Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool for us. Good thing fast travel! You know, people on the side of the road who have their coffee after dropping off their kids at school might see the sign and peek at the door and then they become a client. And then they tell another parent at school about it, and then they come. It’s a lot of old school, but word of mouth has helped us tremendously. And that feeling of community building is what I plan to use the prize money for. We are going to offer scholarships for people who may face financial difficulties to access a class with little or no cost. We want them to feel empowered and to be around community members so they don’t feel so alone. “

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Getting results

“When our class is over, my clients get great workouts and they are kind of beaming. And I’m beaming with them and I didn’t even take classes! The power of the room is something that can’t really be explained, but it can certainly be felt. There is a lot of gratitude. There’s a lot of alignment here because it’s related to liking me just feeling like I’m doing exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I want to do. “

What is happiness? What is this feeling? Or is it a condition?

Calendar – Calendar

The exact definition of happiness has been debated and developed throughout history. But, whatever it is, there is no denying that happiness plays a major role in our daily lives.

For starters, happiness is important for our physical health. Why? Because it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and is associated with better heart health. In addition, happiness improves relationships and sparks creativity. And, at work, happiness increases productivity.

In short, happiness can change your life for the better. But, how can you increase your level of happiness on a consistent basis? Well, here are 12 happiness things you can practice every day after begging in your calendar.

1. Start your morning on your own terms.

Michelle traveled to all 50 states in 2019 to understand how Americans achieve inner happiness regardless of their circumstances. The American Happiness Documentary chronicles his journey and education during interviews with more than 500 self-described happy people.

He discovered that the happiest people start their days on their own terms.

“Starting your morning on a positive note is one of the most effective things you can do to develop everyday happiness,” he wrote. Fast company. “It doesn’t require hours of your time, but it does have the power to transform your day.”

“Instead of rushing through the day to immediately scroll through social media or grab your phone, take a minute for yourself without any confusion to set goals for the hours ahead,” he added. “What do you want to achieve, how do you want to achieve it and with what attitude?”

Deliberately choose your response to the situation instead of being constantly reactive. By doing this exercise, you will become more present and intentional with your actions, Wax explains.

2. Reflect good and bad.

Jonathan Adler, a psychologist at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, said, “Recognizing the complexities of life can be a particularly rewarding path to psychological well-being.” In other words, a range of positive and negative emotions can contribute to happiness, he believes.

Adler and his colleague Hal Hershfield examined this experience of mixed emotion and how it relates to positive mental well-being. Participants completed the questionnaire before each of the 12 weekly therapy sessions they went to. They found that depression and cheerfulness simultaneously preceded the improvement of mental health.

For example, one might say, “I’m sorry for the recent loss of my life, yet I’m happy and excited to be able to work through them for a positive outcome.” Adler explained, “Take the good And Bad things together can detoxify bad experiences, allowing you to interpret them in a way that supports psychological well-being. “

In a follow-up study, Hershfield examined the link between mixed emotions and health. Over the course of a 10-year study, he and his team discovered that taking mixed emotions (e.g., “taking good with bad”) is directly linked to good physical health.

What does all this mean? Well, don’t ignore your negative feelings. Block time to recognize and embrace them, such as writing in a journal in the morning or evening. When you do, you will be able to find ways to overcome the obstacles that you need to overcome.

3. Deal with your most difficult task first.

As the founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and author of “Habits of a Happy Brain,” Loretta Graziano Bruning claims that humans can rebuild their brains.

How? Acknowledging that we have some “happy chemicals” inherited from previous species, and using that knowledge to develop habits that activate them, explains Katherine Pearson Huffington Post.

Dopamine is one of those chemicals that Bruning describes as a “feeling of accomplishment.” To stimulate it, your most difficult task is to tackle the first thing in the morning.

An example is returning an email that you are closing or completing a task with a deadline. To make sure you tackle these items before anything else, add them to your calendar. And, ideally, you should block your time for these when you are most alert and energetic. For most of us, that would be morning.

4. Become a social butterfly.

Daniel Gilbert, a professor at Harvard, author of the widely read comic bookStumbling happily, ”he said;

We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost everything else that we think makes us happy is actually a way to have more family and friends.

Of these happiness hacks, this is probably the easiest. In addition, it is arguably the one that gives the most. After all, who else can make you happy like your family or friends?

With this in mind, you can use your calendar to stay close to your nearest and dearest. For example, you can schedule appointments, set reminders for check-ins, or set up a tradition. And, you can make sure to turn off your calendar when you have a quality time set, such as having dinner with your family.

5. Remove 11 minutes daily.

Put aside the excuse that you don’t have time for exercise. According to a recent study, 11 minutes of moderate exercise can extend your lifespan. In addition, physical activity proves to increase your mood and increase your energy levels.

Exercise can be as simple as walking or using a treadmill. A combination of yoga, dance, or squat, push-ups, and running in place would also be great options.

So, even if you have a packed schedule, you will be able to push through some physical activity. Personally, I always go for a walk after lunch. In addition to burning some calories, it clears my mind. And recharges me for the rest of the day.

6. Spend more time outside.

“The Happiness Advantage,” said Shawn Achar, a lecturer at Harvard University and the Wharton School of Business. Spending 20 minutes outside in nice weather can improve your mood. It can expand thinking and help improve work memory.

Multiple studies have confirmed this claim from Acho. Researchers at Cornell University have found that spending at least 10 minutes a day in natural places, such as parks or walkways, increases students’ mood, focus and physiological markers such as blood pressure and heart rate. The authors of this study believe that “nature therapy” can help patients who are anxious, stressed or depressed.

7. Take the microbreak.

Alison Mango says it has been found that watching funny videos online during a quick break from work has a high emotional benefit and makes people feel more energetic, happier and less stressed.

In addition to improving your mental health, it is also extremely easy to do if you are in a bad mood. And, while you’re at it, you’ll be boosting your metabolism.

8. Focus on your favorite song.

Researchers have found that happy music can improve your mood and increase your awareness when you practice mindfulness meditation.

“Listen to a song of your choice over and over again, each time focusing on a different level, such as solo, harmony, guitar, bass, and more” University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “Not only will your favorite song bring a lot of fun, it will also develop mindfulness as you listen to a certain part and filter out the others.”

9. No matter the stress, learn something new.

Could learning a new skill be stressful? Absolutely. But, in the long run, it can enhance your happiness. In fact, you will be happier every hour, every day and long way.

Journal of Happiness Studies Published a survey in 2009 detailing the benefits of this investment in time and effort. According to the survey, participants who increased their performance by meeting their autonomy needs or helping them build relationships with others reported less happiness at the moment. However, they finally felt increasing happiness every hour and every day.

The key? Choosing the right new skills to master. Or, that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Happiness is most enhanced when you learn a skill of your choice that you don’t think you should or need to learn.

10. Limit your screen time.

12 hours 9 minutes.

How much time did Americans spend with the media in 2019? It was predicted that this amount would increase four more minutes before COVID-19.

Is this a problem? Yes

You may feel anxious or depressed when you spend too much time on your phone. It can also disturb your sleep. It can also negatively affect your performance in the workplace.

However, studies have shown that reducing screen time results in;

  • 75% of people believe that they work harder and are more productive.
  • 57% say they are motivated to do their best.
  • 51% feel more confident.
  • 49% reported that they are happy.
  • 44% claim that they provide high quality work.

Still, keeping yourself away from your phone and computer is not easy. Some easy ways to get started are listed below;

  • Organize your tasks in batches. Stay connected and avoid FOMO by blocking a time before morning, afternoon or evening for email and social media. When you are not doing this, turn off your notifications or set up apps to block them
  • Establish technology-free zones. Your bedroom, bathroom and dining area should be free of electronics.
  • Find ways to confuse yourself. Take a walk, clean your house, or read when you’re bored.
  • Do social media apps. Social media can be harmful and addictive. Logging in to your PC / Laptop and batching these tasks can be useful for branding or networking.
  • Meet in person or pick up the phone. Whenever possible, arrange more private meetings or catch-ups. Or, if necessary, make a phone call instead of using a chat or email thread.
  • Leave your phone behind. Do not take your phone with you when you go out for shopping or grocery shopping. Don’t worry. If you disconnect for a few minutes, the earth will continue to rotate.

11. Help others.

Buying things for yourself increases happiness less than spending money for other people. This is known as “procedural costs”.

In 2012, Harvard researchers paid participants to study. In one half, they were told to spend money for themselves, and in the other half, for others.

Here are the results;

“Participants assigned to commemorate a purchase made for someone else said they felt significantly happier immediately after the recall; most importantly, the happier participants felt, the more they would like to spend compensation on someone else in the near future.” While a positive feedback provides initial evidence of the loop, these data provide a potential path to sustainable happiness: social spending increases happiness which in turn encourages social spending. “

Giving to others does not always mean spending money. You can donate your time by volunteering or advising others. There is a study in Zurich, Switzerland that supports the idea that volunteering can lead a more fulfilling life.

How much time should you devote to helping others? Well, according to Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success”, 100 hours a year – or 2 hours per week.

12. Be flexible.

Todd Kashdan, a professor of psychology at George Mason University and an expert on well-being, says;

“Humans have the ability to better tolerate and effectively use emotions, thoughts and behaviors to find the best possible outcome in different situations. This wide range of dynamic capabilities constitutes the essence of health.”

After all, a healthy person is one who can manage in an uncertain, unpredictable world around them, where innovation and change are the norm, rather than the exception. “

Believe it or not, your calendar can help. How? Leaving your schedule free time block. This way you can make your day more chaotic if you have to deal with an emergency or delay.

Image Credit: Juan Mendez; Pixels; Thanks!

Twelve Happiness Hack posts appeared on the first calendar to add to your calendar.

What seemed to be a mutually beneficial partnership between Elon Musk and Twitter, which started out as a friendly chat, has now turned into a power struggle that has just taken another expensive turn.

Jim Watson | Getty Images

Earlier this month, Tesla’s CEO bought about 9.2% of Twitter’s total shares, making him the company’s largest shareholder, and offered Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal a seat on the Twitter board, which he later rejected.

Musk’s new position on Twitter has sparked a less-than-thrilling response from Twitter staff, who said they felt “pressured” by the news, while other shareholders even went so far as to sue Musk for his public delays. Acquisition of Twitter shares with SEC.

Now, Musk is threatening to wipe out all intermediaries by buying Twitter and all its shares in a $ 43 billion deal, according to SEC filings this week.

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“I have invested in Twitter because I believe in the potential to be a platform for freedom of speech around the world and I believe that freedom of speech is a social imperative for an effective democracy,” Musk told Twitter Board Chairman Brett Taylor in a letter to the board. Filing “However, since my investment, I now understand that the company will not enrich or serve this social need in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed into a private company … Twitter has tremendous potential. I’ll open it. “

Musk offered to buy Twitter at $ 54.20 per share in cash, which he said was a 54% premium from the day before he started buying Twitter stock. He said his proposal was “the best and final” and warned that he would “reconsider” his shareholder’s position if his proposal was not accepted.

“It’s a high price and your shareholders will love it,” Musk told Taylor.

Tesla CEO Tweet out The SEC told its 81.6 million followers “I made an offer.”

Surprisingly, Twittervers went wild after hearing the news, some in favor and others not so much.

Either way, Twitter stock rose 12% in premarket trading on Thursday, again putting all eyes on Musk and frequently accusing the billionaire of manipulating the market through his tweets.

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A report by Los Angeles Times This week has seen thousands of Twitter bots built over the past decade that have praised and positively framed Tesla, which is directly related to the rise in Tesla share prices at the time.

Kasturi has also been criticized for influencing the valuation of certain cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and Dozcoin, based on his comments on the two currencies on social media platforms.

As of Thursday morning, Musk’s estimated total assets were $ 273.6 billion.

It’s been a rocky few months for the shares Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) Since they hit the all-time high last November. At the beginning of the year, they fell into general market weakness as investor sentiment shifted to risk-off. Since then rising inflation prints and high interest rates, combined with the Russian aggression in Ukraine, have made one of the best growth stocks of the past year even brighter. But despite the 25% drop so far this month, there are a few reasons to think now might be a good time to start picking up some shares of Nvidia.
For starters, the recent sell-off has opened up risk-reward profiles and created a potentially difficult buying opportunity. At least those who were thinking from New Street Research yesterday upgraded their ratings to buy stocks from neutral yesterday. Analyst Pierre Ferragu pointed to Nvidia’s attractive valuation and the possibility of a strong outlook for its datacenter business. He further added that the fall in cryptocurrency prices is no longer a reason to avoid stocks, adding in a note to clients that “any vulnerabilities driven by crypto will be limited, short-lived, and only an opportunity to add position.”
Its $ 280 price target, above $ 250, makes for a compelling reading in the light where the stock closed last night. At just 20 220 per share, Ferragu is calling for a nearly 30% increase from current prices. Also, Ferragu highlighted the possibility that Nvidia “continues to see its datacenter business strength” as well as it is trading 36 times the 2025 estimate at $ 7.80 per share and the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index is only 2.2 times. – MarketBeat

Bullish comments

The bullish outlook echoed earlier remarks by Bank of America, which noted that “shares have recently sold out due to concerns about slower growth, but this seems to have become excessive.” Bank of America analyst Vivek Arya has maintained its buy rating and its 375 price target. Considering the stock tapped out at an all-time high of $ 345 last year, the proposed 70% rise here should be enough to entice more risk-averse investors.

Aryan added in a note that “we see Nvidia as one of the most important growth companies in the semifinals, possibly due to its ability to increase sales in technology at 20-25% CAGR (3x semis industry). Industry maintains growth of 45% + EBIT [margins]”

These new voices at Bull Camp will be much appreciated by Nvidia trustees, especially in light of the downgrade that hit shares earlier in the week. You don’t often see that some well-known sales-like names are in the opposite position at the same time, but that happened on Monday when Baird’s team downgraded Nvidia. Concerns over the cancellation of orders and the slowdown in PC growth were behind the decision to move the stock to a neutral rating, with the trimmed price target of $ 225.

Being involved

Although Baird analyst Tristan Zerra is not yet a fully developed bear, he acknowledges that data center trends are still “very strong”. At the same time, however, year-over-year earnings are likely to peak in the first half of 2022, and gaming-related earnings are likely to weaken for the rest of the year. It remains to be seen how the stock will perform throughout 2022, but in terms of equilibrium it seems that more things are going in its favor than its opponents.

In addition to the basic strengths mentioned above, technical reasoning is also quite powerful. Nvidia shares have returned to a much-tested line of support at $ 215, a level where they have already found buyers several times this year. If they can muster another defense of that level next week, you have to think that they will return to the North again. After failing to break them once more, the bears may decide to throw away the towel, and it is well understood that the bulls are arguing 30% or even 70% the opposite.
Is NVDA (NASDAQ: NVDA) supposed to rip higher?

NVIDIA is part of the Entrepreneur Index, which tracks some of the largest publicly traded companies founded and operated by entrepreneurs.

Shares of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) rose 22.6% last month as the company estimates it will recover from its epidemic losses and become profitable by the end of 2022. However, given NCLH’s current performance and premium valuation of its stock, is it now worth the stock bet? Let’s talk. – stocknews

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) Inside Miami, Fla., A global cruise corporation that operates Norwegian cruise lines, Oceania cruises and Regent Seven Seas cruises. These brands deliver cruises to more than 490 destinations worldwide, with a combined fleet of 28 ships and about 60,000 berths. NCLH’s share price rose 22.6% last month.

However, the stock closed at. 21.45 in yesterday’s trading session, down 27.1% from last year and 19.2% in the last six months. In addition, it is currently trading 36.8% below the 52-week high of $ 33.95, which it hit on June 09, 2021.

NCLH’s losses have expanded significantly since its last reported quarter. In addition, as its fleet is not yet fully operational, the company is expected to make a loss in the next quarter. As a result, the near-term prospects for NCLH seem bleak.

Here’s how to shape NCLH performance in the near term:

Extended assessment

In terms of forward price / selling, the stock is currently trading at 1.57x, which is 668.1% higher than the 0.94x industry average. Also, its 3.49x forward EV / sales is 1.13x 209.4% higher than the industry average. Furthermore, NCLH’s 4.16x forward price / book 2.53x is 64.5% higher than the industry average.

Insufficient financial

NCLH’s total revenue for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2021 increased significantly to $ 487.44 million. Its operating loss increased 25.6% to আগের 686.87 million from its previous year’s value. The company’s net loss rose 112.8% to $ 1.57 billion in the year-ago quarter, from $ 4.01 per share during the period. Also, its cash and cash equivalents decreased by 54.4% to $ 1.51 billion for the year ended December 31, 2021.

Poor profitability

NCLH’s 0.03% trailing-12-month asset turnover ratio is 1.06%, 96.7% lower than the industry average. Also, the 12 months ROA behind it, EBITDA margin, And the ROC is negative at 24.1%, 276.9% and 9.9%, respectively. In addition, its cash from operations stood at শিল্প 2.47 billion, negative compared to the industry average of $ 159.46 million.

POWR ratings reflect uncertainty

NCLH has an overall F rating, which is equivalent to a strong sale under our ownership. POWR rating Method. POWR ratings are calculated based on 118 individual factors, each factor being weighed to an optimal degree.

Our proprietary rating system evaluates each stock based on eight distinct categories. NCLH has an F grade for stability and value. The 2.59 beta of the stock is consistent with its stability grade. In addition, the company is consistent with higher rating standards than industry.

F-rated among four stocks Travel – Cruise Industry, NCLH Ranking # 2.

Beyond what I said above, one can see the NCLH rating for quality, speed, growth and feel Here.

The last row

Despite being one of the leading global cruise companies, NCLH’s near-term prospects look bleak as the company recovers from epidemic-led disruptions and has not yet resumed operations at full capacity. In addition, analysts expect its EPS to decline at an annual rate of 24.1% over the next five years. So, given its high valuation, we believe that the stock should be avoided now.

NCLH shares rose $ 0.06 (+ 0.28%) in premarket trading on Thursday. Year-to-date, NCLH rose 4.10%, compared to a -6.47% increase in the benchmark S&P 500 index over the same period.

About the Author: Pragya Pandey

Pragya is an equity research analyst and financial journalist with a passion for investing. In college he did a major in finance and is currently pursuing a CFA program and is a second tier candidate.

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“The person who controls a conversation isn’t talking, it’s the person who asks all the questions.”

I have recently been reminded of this proverb, which is full of wisdom. That’s true. We are quick to conduct a conversation through what we feel we need to say, rather than actively listening to and questioning the person we are talking to. Often, we want to understand the other person faster than we first understand.

Additionally, we tend to employ one of two ways: rationally or emotionally. Different situations require different methods of communication. The challenge, however, is when one of these reactions surpasses the other.

So I ask: Are you communicating logically or emotionally?

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Rationalist vs. emotional communication

Can you guess which one tends to do more in humans? If you choose EmotionalYou are right, our DNA is rooted in emotion, and we react emotionally to the things around us.

Say you’re in the car and cut. What do you do Maybe you roll your eyes, maybe you throw birds, maybe you say something unfriendly. See: Emotions.

Emotional reactions are not always bad, either. Pride, happiness, excitement … Imagine your child being accepted into college, and instead of reacting with joy, your only response is “OK. It will increase your chances of getting the job you want.”

Reasonable, but strange. This is a situation that calls for an emotional response.

We are not really taught how to channel our rational side when reacting to something. We are quicker to respond to situations than to go backwards, take deep breaths and go through the pace of deciding how to react. Recognizes the role that both reason and emotion play in exceptional communicative conversations.

We cannot control how others react. So while we find the perfect balance between reason and emotion when interacting with others, it is always a completely different ball game, because no two people are identical and think exactly the same.

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How to balance workplace conversations

When I think about this kind of thing, I want to think about how it fits with my business. Although we can not fully control how People communicate, we can teach each other how to understand the difference between the types of communication.

1. Acknowledge the lack of self-awareness

I’m not sure people actually know There is a difference in how we respond to things. I’ll admit – until a few years ago, I didn’t do it myself. Our subconscious does not seem to care so much about retaining this information. Awareness is the first step towards becoming a successful communicator.

Keep this in mind when communicating with colleagues. Acknowledge the lack of awareness, then ask yourself what you can do to identify others when others respond to something rationally and when they respond emotionally.

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2. Acknowledge emotions

Active listening skills are important for promoting harmonious communication. Start by asking investigative questions to make sure you understand the problem. You become purposeful as soon as you hear the answer.

It is important to acknowledge the other person’s feelings at the beginning of the conversation. Something like, “I understand how this situation can be so frustrating for you” can help listen to the other person and spread the excitement. It provides integrated startups for finding a solution.

3. Reframe the conversation

Another way to communicate is through the lens of positivity versus negativity. The latter is rooted in emotion. Embrace the day with a negative mindset, and you will begin a chain reaction of negative energy, which will move between you and those you interact with.

The mentality and response share a common ground. Choose a positive mindset, and you’ll be prone to positive feedback. Channel negativity and, well … you know the deal.

4. Identify the source of the conflict (hint: this is not another person)

Let’s face it: people often see people as problems and their emotions grow. Communication breaks down when people project the source of the conflict on another person. The reality is that the conflict is between two people. By focusing on issues rather than individuals, you are able to find common ground. Once both people are looking for a solution in the same direction, you have gone to the logical way of resolving the conflict. Everyone has won!

5. Include your workplace training

Do you have regular training at work? Good. Add something like your curriculum. If there is no one in your team responsible for this, hire a professional to give the lecture. It is important to teach communication skills using real-world examples.

Be sure to check yourself regularly. Are you effective communication modeling?

Being able to distinguish between rational and emotional communication is a superpower of leadership. Heck, it’s a People Find a balance between the two superpowers – examples of the right-time-right-place – and help others to do the same.

No one likes conflict. Everyone wants to understand. Start by evaluating your own communication style, then build a culture of reasonable communication with your team. Who doesn’t want to lead a company full of exceptional communicators?

Historically, oil prices have risen before the US recession. Thus, with crude oil prices hovering above 100 100 a barrel and inflation hovering at a 40-year high, many economists expect the economy to suffer a recession this year. Therefore, we think it would be wise to place bets on high quality dividend-yielding stock Exxon Mobil (XOM), Dow (DOW), Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF), Altria (MO), and Telefônica Brasil (VIV) now. Can The potential recessionary weather creates a steady income stream. Let’s talk. – stocknews

Major market indices have faced high volatility due to rising inflation, the possibility of aggressive interest rate hikes, rising electricity prices and investors’ concerns over very little progress in ending the Ukraine-Russia war.

Concerns over the growing recession have weighed on the market. March inflation data has been proposed Year-on-year CPI growth 8.5%Its highest profit since December 1981. In addition, March job information offered a Tough labor market. The price of crude oil has risen above 100 100 a barrel due to concerns that sanctions on Russia could disrupt the supply of crude oil. Historically, high crude oil prices have triggered a recession.

Due to the combination of these factors, we think it would be wise to place a bet on a standard dividend-yielding stock action. Mobile Corporation (XOM) Dow Inc.DOW), Coca-Cola FEMSA, SAB de CV (KOF), Altria Group, Inc. (MO), And Telefônica Brasil SA (VIV) To create a fixed income stream. These stocks yield more than 4% and have the potential to increase capital.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

XOM is in the power business in Irving, Texas. The main business of the company is exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas and production, trade, transportation and sale of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemicals and various specialized products. Its parts include upstream; Subdivision And chemical.

On March 1, 2022, XOM announced that it was planning a hydrogen production plant and one of the largest carbon capture and storage projects in the world to reduce its integrated refining and petrochemical site, its activities and emissions in the local industry at its Beatown, Texas. “By helping to activate new markets for hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, this project could play a significant role in achieving America’s low-emission aspirations,” said Joe Blomirt, president of XOM’s Low Carbon Solutions.

XOM’s total revenue and other revenue grew 82.5% year-on-year to 84 84.96 billion in the fourth quarter, ending December 31, 2021. The company’s net income came in at $ 8.87 billion, compared to a net loss of $ 20.07 billion a year earlier. Also, its EPS came in at $ 2.08, compared to a loss of $ 4.70 per share a year ago.

In the last three years, XOM’s Dividends Payouts increased to a 2.1% CAGR. Its four-year average dividend yield is 5.7%, and its current payout translates to a 4% yield.

Analysts expect XOM’s EPS and revenue to grow by 221.5% and 69.8% for the quarter ended March 31, 2022, to $ 2.09 billion and $ 92.70 billion year-on-year, respectively. This exceeds the road EPS estimate in each of the four back quarters. And over the past year, the stock has risen 55.8% in value to close the last trading session at $ 86.81.

It reflects the powerful fundamentals of XOM POWR rating. It has an overall B rating, which is equivalent to a buy in our proprietary rating system. POWR ratings are calculated taking into account 118 individual factors, each factor weighing to an optimal degree.

It has an A grade for momentum and a B grade for growth and quality. It ranks # 38 out of 97 B-rated stocks Energy – oil and gas Art Click here See XOM’s other ratings for quality, stability and feel.

Dow Inc. (DOW)

DOW is the holding company of Dow Chemical Company and its affiliates The Midland, Mitch-based The company’s plastic, industrial intermediate, coating and silicone business portfolio provides science-based products and solutions for its customers in a variety of market segments, including packaging; Infrastructure; Mobility; And consumer care.

On January 25, 2022, DOW announced an agreement with Locas Performance Ingredients to sell its high-performance Sophorolipid Biosurfactants in the global home care and personal markets. The ingredients offer a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to conventional surfactants. The agreement will enable DOW to strengthen its position in the biosurfactants market.

For the fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2021, DOW’s net sales increased 34.1% year on year to $ 14.36 billion. Net income for the company’s ordinary shareholders rose 40.4% year-on-year to $ 1.73 billion. Also, its EPS came in at $ 2.32, representing a 40.6% year-over-year increase. In addition, its non-GAAP operating EBIT increased by 4 114.85 per year to $ 2.26 billion.

DOW’s four-year average dividend is 4.5%, and its current dividend translates into a 4.3% profit.

For the quarter ended March 31, 2022, DOW’s EPS and revenue are expected to grow 50.7% and 21.9%, respectively, 2.05 billion and $ 14.48 billion year-on-year. It surpassed the consensus EPS estimate in each of the next four quarters. The stock rose 13.1% year-over-year to close the last trading session at $ 64.16.

DOW’s strong prospects are reflected in its POWR ratings. The stock has an overall A rating, which is equivalent to a strong buy in our proprietary rating system.

It has an A grade for quality and a B grade for sentiment. In A-rated Chemical Industry, it ranks # 9 out of 89 stocks. To see other DOW ratings for growth, speed, stability and quality, Click here.

Coca-Cola FEMSA, SAB de CV (KOF)

KOF is located in Mexico City, Mexico. The company is the largest franchise bottler in terms of sales volume of the Coca-Cola trademark beverage worldwide. It produces, distributes and markets some Coca-Cola drinks. Its parts include its Mexico and Central America divisions; Its South America division; And its Asian division.

For the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2021, KOF’s total revenue grew 8.4% year on year to MNX53.27 billion ($ 2.69 billion). The company’s total profit grew 9.3% year on year MXN23.98 billion (1.21 billion). Also, its net income rose 82.8% year on year to MNX5.80 billion ($ 0.29 billion).

Over the past three years, KOF’s dividend payout has increased to a CAGR of 13.1%. Its four-year average dividend yield is 3.8%, and its current payout translates to a 4.4% yield.

For FY 2023, KOF’s EPS and revenue are expected to grow 11.6% and 6%, respectively, to 3.76 billion and $ 10.66 billion year-on-year. It has exceeded the road EPS estimate in three of the last four quarters. Over the past year, the stock has risen 16.3% to close at শেষ 55.81 to close the last trading session.

KOF’s POWR rating reflects solid potential. The company has an overall A rating, which translates into a strong byte in our proprietary rating system.

It has an A grade for stability and a B grade for quality, feel and quality. Within B-rated Drinks Industry, it ranks first among 34 stocks. Click here See KOF’s other ratings for growth and speed.

Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

MO In Richmond, VA, Manufactures and sells smoky and oral tobacco products in the United States. The company supplies cigarettes, primarily under the Marlboro brand; Cigar and pipe tobacco, mainly under black and light brands; And moist smokeless tobacco products under the Copenhagen, Squal, Red Seal and Husky brands, as well as deliver! Oral nicotine pouch.

On April 5, 2022, MO announced that it had signed a virtual power purchase agreement for the power generated by the new wind farm project in Haskell and Throckmorton Counties, Texas. “This marks our first VPPA and our science-based environmental goal – to make significant progress towards achieving 100% renewable energy and reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030,” said Sal Mankuso, MOP’s Executive VP and CFO.

For the fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2021, MO’s net revenue for smoking products increased 0.4% year-on-year to $ 5.59 billion, while net revenue for oral tobacco products increased 4.9% year-on-year to $ 663 million. The company’s consistent EPS came in at 1.09, representing a 10.1% year-over-year increase.

Over the past three years, MO’s dividend payout has increased to a CAGR of 4.7%. Its four-year average dividend yield is 6.8%, and its current payout translates to 6.5% yield.

For its 2023 fiscal year, MO’s EPS and revenue are expected to grow 6.2% and 1.5%, respectively, $ 5.14 billion and $ 21.37 billion year after year. It surpassed the consensus EPS estimate in three of the next four quarters. And in the last nine months, the stock has risen 17% to close at. 54.80 in the last trading session.

MO’s POWR rating reflects this promising outlook. The stock has an overall B rating, which is equivalent to a buy in our proprietary rating system.

It has an A grade for quality and a B grade for growth. It ranks # 3 out of 10 B-rated stocks Tobacco See MO’s other ratings for industry quality, speed, stability and feel, Click here.

Telefonica Brasil SA (VIV)

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, VIV provides mobile and exclusive telecommunications services to residential and corporate customers. Its fixed-line service portfolio includes local, domestic and international long distance calls. Its mobile portfolio includes voice, 3G, 4G, 5G broadband and other value added and roaming services.

VIV’s net operating revenue rose 2.8% year-on-year to R $ 11.50 billion ($ 2.45 billion) in the fourth quarter, ending December 31, 2021. The company’s net income rose 103.2% year on year to R $ 2.62 billion ($ 0.55 billion). Also, its recurring EBITDA increased 1.2% year on year to R $ 4.93 billion ($ 1.05 billion).

VIV’s $ 0.64 forward translates into an annual dividend of 5.6%. The company’s five-year average dividend is 6.1%.

Analysts expect VIV’s EPS and revenue to grow 60% and 14% for the quarter ended March 31, 2022, to $ 0.16 billion and $ 2.26 billion year-on-year, respectively. It has exceeded the road EPS estimate in three of the last four quarters. And over the past year, the stock has risen 45.7% to close at .3 11.35 to close the last trading session.

VIV’s strong fundamentals are reflected in its POWR ratings. The stock has an overall B rating, which is equivalent to a buy in our proprietary rating system.

It has a B grade for durability and quality. It ranks 9th out of 47 A-rated stocks Telecom – Foreign Art Click here See VIV’s Additional Rating for Growth, Value, Momentum and Sentiment.

XOM shares fell $ 0.46 (-0.53%) in premarket trading on Thursday. Year-to-date, XOM rose 43.44% over the benchmark S&P 500 Index over the same period, up -6.37%.

Author Profile: Dipanjan Banchur

Dipanjan has been interested in the stock market since he was in grade school. As a result, he earned a master’s degree in finance and accounting. Currently, as an investment analyst and financial journalist, Dipanjan has a strong interest in reading and analyzing emerging financial market trends.

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Shares of Consumer Acquisition Platform System 1 (SST) have gained enviable momentum since their debut on the stock market in January. However, considering the weak profitability of the company, should it now add stock to one’s portfolio? To read. Find out. – stocknews

Omnichannel Customer Acquisition Platform System1 Inc. (SST) Inside Los Angeles, California, Debuted in the stock market on January 28, 2022. The company uses technology and data science to drive a responsive acquisition marketing platform. In addition, the company operates a real-time discount code search engine and directory that provides coupon destinations for Internet customers.

Its share price rose 145.5% year-to-date to close at $ 24.45 in yesterday’s trading session.

However, the negative profit margin of SST may raise investor concerns about the near-term prospects. Also, analysts’ price targets indicate a possible fall in the stock, leaving its prospects in the dark.

Here’s how to shape SST performance in the near term:

Poor profitability

The 14.6% follow-up 12-month gross profit margin of SST is 50.3%, 71.3% lower than the industry average. Cash from its $ 60.71 million trailing-12-month operation 79 292.88 million is 79.3% lower than the industry average. Also, its lag-12-months Net income margin And leveraged FCF margins are 7.9% and 47.2% lower than their respective industry averages.

Price targets indicate potential downsides

12 20.50 indicates a price target between the 12 months একটি 16.2% potential upward. Price targets range from a low of $ 15.00 to a high of $ 26.00.

POWR ratings reflect uncertainty

SST has an overall D rating, which is equivalent to selling under our ownership POWR rating Method. POWR ratings are calculated based on 118 individual factors, each factor being weighed to an optimal degree.

Our proprietary rating system evaluates each stock based on eight distinct categories. There is D grade for SST standard. The company’s weak profits are consistent with quality grades.

Out of 89 A-rated stocks Industry – Services Industry, SST is at number 81.

Beyond what I said above, anyone can see the SST rating for quality, stability, speed, growth and feel. Here.

The last row

While the company could potentially capitalize on its multiple strategic acquisitions in the long run, we believe that the potential for SST growth is currently limited due to weak profitability and analysts’ price targets. So we think the stock is gone now.

How System1 Inc. (SST) stacks up against his colleagues?

Although SST has an overall D rating, one might want to consider its industry counterparts, PT United Tractors Tbk (Putki), Coke Holding AS (KHOLY) And DLH Holdings Corporation (DLHC), Which has an overall A (strong buy) rating.

SST shares fell 4 0.42 (-1.72%) in premarket trading on Thursday. Year-to-date, the SST rose 145.48%, compared to a -6.37% increase in the benchmark S&P 500 index over the same period.

About the Author: Pragya Pandey

Pragya is an equity research analyst and financial journalist with a passion for investing. In college he did a major in finance and is currently pursuing a CFA program and is a second tier candidate.

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Expressed opinions Entrepreneur Contributors are their own.

Content King. This phrase has received a lot of attention in the digital market of the new era. Every business that establishes its digital presence is competing for attractive and crisp content.

At the moment everyone is aware that only the content of a website can act as a game changer. This is true for any new business or an established business that is not performing well in the actual market. Products are not the only element of communication between buyer and manufacturer. Businesses also need a website with levels and well thought out content that is within every click and every scroll. Psychology of color and working with interesting elements in the brain, dedicated enough effort and effort to differentiate a website through content. This is why the value of the material in today’s market is so high.

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The content of a website primarily answers three questions about the product or service it hosts. Initially, it addresses whether the product or service ensures a solution to the problem. Second, it explains the methods by which the product or service will help solve the problem And last but not least, the cost of acquiring this product or service. Now one might think that each page could be different if it addressed the same question. In addition to the nature of the product or service, which is almost the same in a competitive market, the way it is presented is important. That’s when the emergence of an expert with an attitude and feelings towards language works to solve the problem.

This is a skill usually gained through practice and experience with algorithms and programs. Undoubtedly, the results of creative content search contribute to the higher ranking of the website and better score in the SEO dashboard. How to create interesting content and tips can be narrowed down to a few selected areas. Here are some suggested steps and strategies to help you build a successful website:

Compact and simple content

Consider writing website content for a fruit juice-selling company that is simply setting up a business on the Internet without a dedicated customer base and no physical store. Website content is the only opportunity for shiny business in the market. In such a situation, if a writer decides to frame the content with fluent language and difficult phrases, the result will be disastrous. The content will reach thousands of people through the various tools of digital marketing and frame it keeping in mind that it should be easy to understand and interesting. The place to use flamboyance should be in blogs and company articles but the primary content must be crisp. Content such as product descriptions, communication services and navigation through the entire website should be created in easy-to-understand language so that the wider public is able to read it.

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Using multimedia

The time has come for content businesses to stop relying solely on the power of sound and begin to value the essence and impact of multimedia. It is a well-known fact that our brain applies to the elements of sight and sound and remembers most of the information recorded through sight and sound. This is the only reason why children are encouraged to read aloud while studying so that they can train their senses efficiently. Similarly, interactive forms of images and video and audio, including multimedia, are more appealing to customers and site visitors. Studies have shown that when viewing product images, consumers spend more time on audio-visual presentation of the product than just the image. These statistics prove that they value AV format more than just static images. Content groups must consider these lessons and incorporate them into their strategies.

Keyword infusion

Keywords are the biggest tool of online website. Keywords are usually defined as words and phrases that start and place search results. Adding the right amount of keywords to the content and distributing it well throughout the text increases the presence in search results. It is also important that the content writer or team includes keywords relevant to their business and maintains a list of these terms. The inclusion of these keywords in the search engine algorithm recognizes the successful pattern and provides first page rank for the business. Using the right keywords has become a much needed change for new businesses and so they have also ensured the hiring of masters in this field.

Simple UI and UX

In the content business, one is expected to be aware of UI and UX, two bloodlines of successful content. It is very important to design the web page and content so that the user does not have any difficulty while navigating the site. Each scroll must land on an interesting and well thought out design and every piece of written content must be compelling. The user interface must be free from lag and glitches so that the user experience is optimal. Visitors will be fascinated, eventually leading them to spend more time on the website, perhaps even purchasing one or two products.

Attractive communicative content

The use and specific implementation of content with interesting phrases has already been established. However, an additional aspect is that the content should be communicative. Visitors must feel that they are not only seeing the word on a website but also an effort from the manufacturer to communicate with them. This strategy is related to the emotions that revolve around each product and as a result the customer becomes more engaged with the words. They begin to associate themselves with the product, resulting in certain purchases.

Error free content

Finally, error-free content is the whole content. In this business grammatical errors, logical errors, word errors and thought ideas are unforgivable. Since there is only one chance to create it in the content or break it down with the customer, it is necessary that there is no element of speculation and skepticism in the content. Lines should be crisp and up to the point with proper punctuation and grammar. Once this is achieved, with the previous points, the content is ready to serve its purpose – acquire customers.

These are just a few tips for this huge industry, but none will replace practice and experience. The above pointers act as a framework, the rest of the work is based on imagination, creativity and maximum effort.

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