It has been decided today whether to continue with daylight saving time in time

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A few days ago, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that it was being advised to continue the use. Summer time Will be in Mexico, which first came into effect in 1996 Analyzed . Analyze deeply, deeply, and soon we will have an answer to explain it well to the people, because since we were in the opposition there is discomfort among the people because they were not consulted; There was talk of savings, but there was no real saving of electricity. Now we want to see if those savings exist. “ The President explained.

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Today Chamber of Deputies Vote for the initiative presented by the PRD deputy, Olga Espinoza , Which offers the elimination of measurements that seek to generate savings in electrical energy costs. A survey conducted by the Chamber of Deputies (Title) “Summer time. Background and comparative law ) Noted that changes in timing lead to increased insecurity in the morning (because it is later in the morning), affecting school performance and savings in Mexican households’ electricity costs.

On the other hand, Morena Deputy. Irma Juan Carlos Arguing that the measure is not managed to provide it the promised savings and not respect “God’s schedule” Indigenous peoples of Mexico. For him, the three main reasons for leaving behind the change of time are: respecting the spiritual principle of tribal harmony with nature, avoiding the disorder caused by the existence of different schedules and lack of prior consultation among the people. .

The benefits of summer time

Summer time was first applied in Mexico during its rule Ernesto Jedilo Ponce de Leon , Who have published a decree establishing it in the official gazette of the Federation. According to Trust for Energy Savings (FIDE) Provides a series of measurement facilities such as ” Reducing the use of approximately one billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, reducing the use of about 2.84 million barrels of oil per year for power generation, and avoiding 1.46 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. “

Daylight saving time is used in a large number of countries around the world and was first used during the First World War. There are countries like Mongolia, Turkey and Brazil that canceled it a few years after it was implemented. Will Mexico be next?

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