In 2022, TikTok advertising revenue will surpass the combined revenue of Twitter and Snapchat

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Teenagers have already said: Tick ​​tock Favorite social network of the moment and this 2022 ad revenue estimate only confirms it. According to a report by Insider Intelligence, Chinese social networks will earn more than that. 11 billion , Three times that received last year. Of these figures, 6 billion would match the United States, where TikTok’s revenue would grow 184.5%.

The survey also indicates that TikTok will surpass the combined revenue of Twitter ($ 5.8 billion) and Snapchat ($ 4.86 billion) this year, accounting for 2.4% of the total digital advertising investment of $ 250 billion, just one percentage point below YouTube. . This number will reach 3.5% in 2024.

While the social network is still far from Google’s 28.2% ($ 70.5 billion) and 22.3% meta ($ 55.75 billion), its growth is still impressive considering the concerns that once surrounded the use of Chinese companies. ByteDance Can create user data.

How big is TikTok?

According to statistics and information site, Datingportport Tick ​​tock It boasts one billion active users as of September 2021, ranking sixth among social media platforms. The site indicates that, according to social network statistics, the potential reach of advertisers in January 2022 was more than 884 million users. Facebook remains the largest social network with 2.9 billion active users per month, followed by YouTube (2.5 billion), WhatsApp (2 billion), Instagram (1.4 billion), WeChat (1.2 billion), and TikTok (1 billion).

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