How to value your services as a virtual assistant or social media manager

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That early life, isn’t it?

Meet the one where you’re barely finishing.

Lame debt

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

But * Record Scratch * Why is this entrepreneur our vision?

Why do we have to constantly run into DM, work for the bones ourselves for free, only to meet the last because the first months of the entrepreneur are meant to be?

So how do you get it right from the start? True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. But in today’s article, I’m dropping off my best tips on how to pay for your online services and sharing a free pricing guide to get you started.

How To Nail Your Price For Online Services

Pricing is a fundamental aspect of your profitability, business success and prosperity. Of course, you can’t expect to make a five-figure figure in your first month, but if you charge less than a cup of coffee for quality-bag services, people can’t expect to take you seriously!

I struggled with it when I first started with myself. How I was going to get out of debt when scraping key to deliver value to clients with less hours per day. Even writing makes me tired, so I know the struggle.

But pricing my BJ was the best thing I could do to get more time and money back, and I hope that by sharing my tips today, you can avoid this thing and get started on the right foot today!

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Why pricing is so important in business, especially online

Business time is your most valuable asset. Even more than money. But the point is, time and money are inextricably linked. And your pricing strategy is crucial to ensure an abundance of time and money as you scale.

And oh my God, there’s a lot of value in power, you guys. It can improve your quality, and it can degrade it. Let’s practice a little to show what I mean:

Suppose you are looking at $ 7 bottles of wine versus $ 70 bottles of wine. Which, without reading the label, would you guess taste better?

Chances are, you’ll automatically add flavor quality to the more expensive one, right?

You can similarly see your skills and the next trust of your client.

And at the same time, as consumers, we often need to touch and feel the value before we invest heavily in it. And it has been made even more difficult as a vague service provider!

All in all, everything comes after the price of your service. Best price directly affects your profitability and scalability, the quality of your services, and your leadership attitude towards your business objectives. And that makes it extremely difficult to nail.

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Why is pricing for online services so difficult?

I just mentioned that as a service provider, you’re already in a quandary because your leads can’t touch and feel what you offer – they can just feel it. Of course, if you are a Pinterest manager, SMM or Superstar VA, they can see that clicks, sales, leads and time have increased. But it is difficult to communicate from the beginning – but more on how to deal with it later.

There are a number of factors that make it difficult to determine the value of your service. Good thing:

There is also science behind it.

The psychology of business value

There is more to pricing than just pulling a number out of thin air and putting a dollar sign in front of it.

Integrating psychology into your pricing decisions is crucial for a measurable business and for appealing to the client of your dreams. And you don’t have to have a degree to do that! Just think of emotional language and visual cues. For example:

You look at 3.99 and it seems cheaper than $ 4.00, even though it’s only 1 cent less. It has psychological value.

Things like this:

  • Attractive price – anything ending in ‘9’.

  • Capitalizing on numbers – like “Buy one, get one for free” sounds better than “50% off two discounts”.

  • How “$ 9.00” looks more expensive than “$ 9”.

  • And the way we prioritize aversion to loss rather than gain – we always prioritize what we can lose (such as money or time) over what we stand for.

So how do you integrate these simple strategies with your value?

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An online service pricing strategy

There are many tips you can take when pricing your offer! Everything from premium pricing to skimming techniques. But for you as the boss of an online service provider, let’s keep it simple with three:

1. Price based pricing

It rates your online services based on their perceived value, focuses on the value you pay and their return on investment, considering factors such as time saving, efficiency and financial return. It takes a strong understanding of the vague and real value of your services and the ability to communicate that value with any leads that come your way.

2. Competitive based price

This strategy requires pricing based on the market and going into sleuth-mode to determine what your competitors are charging. While this is great for getting a potentially easy sale if you are the cheapest, it can lead to the possibility of a clear comparison between you and your competitors, considering your unique skills as an expense for bargaining rather than a solution.

3. Cost-plus price

This is probably the easiest way to value yourself as an online service provider. But it is not always the most effective. Basically, it’s taking the cost of your service and adding a markup. This can be a service price based on how many hours it takes you to complete it, multiplied by your hourly rate and added.

So with all of these options, what’s the best way to price your services?

Best starting rate for a new online service provider

Before you jump into numbers, be sure to consider the things that contribute to your rate and pricing, especially when starting first. Things like you:

A typical starting price for a new online service provider like Pinterest Manager SMM or VA is around $ 30 per hour.

It takes into account the value you bring (when you acknowledge that you can create more) and the necessities of life! When providing an affordable entry point for your clients. This rate is the perfect starting point because it ensures that you get a minimum in terms of the money you are earning, which you will accept to keep your clients (and you) happy. This is because of the effort and dedication required to keep your head in the business of others – because it costs a lot of money!

Free pricing guide for new online service providers

Although each VA or SMM is different, I know how easy a good guide can be (because I loved one when I started!) So here’s a guide to get you started, pricing.

Level of experience: 6 months, 1-2 years, 3+ years

Monthly Pinterest Management: $ 450 / month, 650 / month, $ 850 + / month

General SMM: $ 600 / month, $ 800 / month, $ 1000 + / month

Virtual support: $ 25 / hour, $ 35 / hour, $ 50 / hour

Pricing can be difficult, but with this guide, it can be much easier. If you need help, or want help, make sure we’re connected to Instagram, Tiktok and online.

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