How to prevent your drive from succeeding by making you miserable

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Many of my big earning friends, acquaintances and mentors have an unfortunate pattern – they are stingy.

The time I spent with so many so-called success stories is filling a void. They work to make you feel qualified, they numb Netflix or alcohol and they are obsessed with achieving to distract them from the stress of their existence. They post some things on social media to calm their perceived inadequacy and try to feel better about themselves by looking good on the outside. They get busy getting what they want, only to realize that they didn’t want it at first.

To start a business, entrepreneurs need to stop working as employees and think like bosses. However, many owners fail to give up the illusion that their true happiness, freedom, and fulfillment can only be achieved when goals are achieved. They plan their work according to how they feel at the end of the day and their life does not matter. Each day ends with the feeling of being forced and they constantly face friction by choosing time with loved ones or earning money.

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It doesn’t have to be this way

A few generations ago, earning was for survival and security. More recently, it has shifted towards earning and providing our family with alternatives.

Now, entrepreneurs can earn as a natural by-product by doing things that make them feel good. In the end, our perfection is infinitely more important than hitting the target and buying the next thing.

The feeling we leave people with is behind us.

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We can only make people feel as good as we do

Wellness comes down to balance that gives us joy and at the same time having the discipline to implement the strategies needed to implement the goals.

Many are stuck too far away on one side of the pendulum and do not feel well. On the one hand, people work hard and do not do what they like. People, on the other hand, do what they like and live in the flow, but avoid what doesn’t seem favorable, so they don’t create the growth or results they want. None of these options are optimal.

My job is to be an active, conscious vehicle that serves other people and enjoys the life I enjoy every day. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Connecting your work to something greater than your ego’s subconscious fear is essential to feeling fullness.

You have to have faith

Creating and transforming your life and business needs to come from your vision, supported by faith, not your subconscious fears.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my work meet my potential to make an impact?
  • Is my work more balanced than what God, or the universe, is calling me to do?
  • Where can I redirect my energy?

The ability to reflect and redirect makes us stronger beyond measure. You get to consciously create your life. Count.

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