How Metaverse will affect high level professionals

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Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably still heard something about metavers – the word has been everywhere recently. You may think that it would not be relevant for you if you work in a completely different sector or have already reached a senior point in your career, but Metaverse is entering all aspects of life – both personal and professional.

This may seem scary at first, but these developments could create new opportunities. Let’s see how this can affect your work and what you need to do to adapt and stay ahead.

Say goodbye to Zoom

Are you one of the many professionals who suffer from so-called “zoom fatigue” in epidemics? Metaverse fatigue can be cured. Imagine being able to communicate with your coworkers or clients in an environment that comes close to mimicking reality – but then take off your headset and glasses and stay in your own comfortable home office.

Virtual reality technology is bringing this possibility even closer and Meta has announced that it plans to spend $ 10 billion on creating its own software.

While most people associate virtual reality with gaming, it will give us new ways to communicate with others in all areas of our lives. Zoom is usually plagued by concerns about those who have left themselves silent or talking to others, virtual reality enables us to read social signals and the body language of the person we are talking to, just as we do in the real world.

Yet, with all sorts of new opportunities open up, it’s much more convenient to talk to someone at Metaverse than to travel around the country or the world to meet them in person.

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Fast employee turnover

We have already seen the beginning of the transition to remote work. Anyone who hoped the world would “return to normal” after the effects of the epidemic has now been proven wrong. Many companies realize that allowing their employees to work from anywhere opens up a whole new pool of their labor. Recent statistics suggest that more than 10% of advertising jobs are now remote.

Metavers will probably accelerate this trend. Companies will be able to interview candidates through virtual reality and will face fewer barriers when working side by side with a team from different locations.

Good news for you? More job opportunities. The more senior positions are, the harder it is to get to them because of how specific they are, but Metavers will open up the whole world.

However, there is also bad news – all of this will make the job market more competitive. An up-and-coming professional from the other end of the world can take your place overnight.

Brand new job

Technological innovations almost always lead to the emergence of new sectors and Metavers is less likely to be an exception. It’s hard to predict which jobs will emerge so soon in the process, don’t worry if it will affect your current job.

What do branding professionals need to consider about how they can apply their marketing strategies to Metaverse? How do HR leaders argue with employees who refuse to choose the right avatar during a virtual meeting?

This may be off the path of prophecy. However, as a senior professional, it is up to you to stay on top of these trends and adapt your skills accordingly.

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Advanced training and skills development

An important part of being a manager or business leader is training your team and helping them develop their skills. We’ve seen a lot of innovation here lately, like learning and development technology, but Metaverse really will take things to the next level. You don’t just learn the theory behind something – you can practice it.

The most obvious application would be for employees to do practical work, such as learning to use equipment, but metaverse training knowledge may also be useful for employees. Maybe you have the opportunity to practice presenting investors in front of a simulated crowd or to control a difficult meeting.

See you in Metaverse

Dave from the account is hard to imagine and that brilliant spark of management interacts behind their avatars and wanders around some weird digital city when they talk about the company’s vision or get caught up after the weekend. Even so, within a few years, it may seem as normal as emailing your team from your smartphone while you do your grocery shopping.

Some effects may sound scary, but try to focus on the positive. Your next job interview could be on a Caribbean beach or even on Mars. Who doesn’t want to experience that?

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