German authorities seize world’s largest supermarket

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Russian millionaire Europe and the United States are imposing sanctions on wealthy Russians who have close ties to President Vladimir Putin. This time the Russian millionaire Alisha Usmanov Snatched from a luxury superhero in Germany.
Hamburg authorities have detained Dilbar Superior After determining that it was actually his sister’s legal property, Gulbakhor Ismailva . Another billionaire who is also subject to Western sanctions for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.
The yacht is named after the mother of these wealthy brothers. Usmanov owns a large portion USM A Russian investment group with a partnership in Metalloinvest, the world’s largest iron ore producer and telecommunications company. Megaphone .
Moreover, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he is the sixth richest Russian with a net worth of 19 19 billion.
It should be noted that after Russia declared war on Ukraine, the superpowers and other displays of wealth among the Russian elite have been particularly intensely investigated.
Germany’s federal crime office said Wednesday it had been able to identify the yacht’s owner, Usmanov’s sister, despite attempts to say “hiding in the high seas.”
In a tweet, German authorities said: “The luxury yacht Dilbar is therefore subject to sanctions and can be legally confiscated in Hamburg.” And once this luxury yacht is seized it cannot be “sold, leased or mortgaged as collateral”.

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But what does the world’s most luxurious yacht look like?

The 156-meter (512-foot) ship, the largest in existence by volume, was refitted in the northern German port city. With a 25-meter swimming pool and two helipads, it is valued at $ 600 million to $ 750 million, according to the US Treasury.

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