General Motors and Honda have formed an alliance to build millions of electric cars

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One thing is for sure: electric vehicles are gaining ground. It is even more common to see them rolling the streets of cities, and carmakers are expanding their offerings into an industry that has been dominated by fuel for more than a century. This morning Honda Motor Co. And General Motors (GM) Announced that they would form an alliance to develop a series of electric vehicles based on a shared platform that would allow them to produce millions of units by 2027.

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Be able to produce the concept of two automakers 100% electrical compact crossover Ultium, using GM’s battery technology at an affordable price. In a press release, Mary Barra The CEO of GM, commented that the car manufacturers “North America, South America and China will share their best technology, design and manufacturing strategies to offer affordable and preferred electric vehicles worldwide, including key markets.” . Toshihiro Mibe The president of Honda Motor, assured that what they are looking for “To help achieve a spectacular expansion in sales of electric vehicles” .

A compact crossover is a tall, compact car that looks like an SUV, although it is designed for an urban environment. According to the statement, the compact crossover segment is the largest in the world with annual sales of over 13 million units. The models that fall into this category include Hyundai Bayon, Suzuki Ignis, Fiat Panda, Ford Ecosport, and Honda HR-V.

Both companies want to acquire Carbon neutrality All their products and operations. GM has set the target for 2040 and Honda for 2050. The two companies have been actively collaborating since 2013 and in 2024 they will have Honda Prologue, an electric pickup truck and Acura’s first electric SUV, probably known as ADX.

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