Gambling, alcohol and drug stocks

This week Marketbeat PodcastKate’s guest is Tommy Mankuso, founder of BAD Investment Company – MarketBeat

BAD ETF (BAD) is a large-cap fund designed to track the EQM BAD Index, which tracks the price movements of a portfolio of US listed companies with exposure to the following BAD market segments: betting, alcohol, cannabis and drugs (pharmaceuticals) and Biotechnology).

What is the origin of the short form BAD of ETF? Why do you see growth opportunities in the Tommy Fund sector?

Why include both fundraising and pricing styles?

Why Tommy strongly believes that technology investors should not be the only growth position

How are gaming stocks doing in Tommy’s portfolio in the current environment?

How will rising interest rates and inflation affect casino stocks?

Why do some gaming stocks hold up better than others?

What is the horizon of Tommy’s investment?

How are brick-and-mortar casino stocks versus online gaming stocks performing? What are the possibilities there?

Is there a stock price with the potential for stronger growth than where they are trading now?

Why the alcohol industry has been under some pressure in the last few months

Some product launches were not as successful as expected?

How are alcohol stocks working now when restaurants, bars, stadiums and outdoor spaces are fully open?

Why Big Alcohol Brands Can Run Out of Product Innovation

How do pharmaceutical stocks leverage balance and diversity in the BAD portfolio?

Which type of pharma company does the fund focus on?

What has triggered some volatility in pharma stocks?

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