From Chip and Joanna Gaines to Ben and Jerry, here’s the key to success

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According to research on work relationships between employers and employees, employer conscience is positively associated with effective employee relationships. CB Insights further reports that tensions between teams and investors and the lack of the right team are the two main reasons startups fail.

As a dating and relationship expert, I was fascinated by interpersonal connections from the very beginning of my life. This lifelong passion – for which I owe my mother, a couple therapist and relationship counselor – has led to many lessons that extend beyond the world of romance alone.

I have developed a unique ability to read beyond the CV, looking at who people actually are and what they have to offer at work or in relationships. My work, PR and executive research, my interpersonal skills have repeatedly proven to be beneficial, whether in navigating college friendships or in investor relationships.

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How to evaluate the potential of a relationship in and out of business

For more than two decades, I have worked as a professional matchmaker, a service that continues to grow for today’s busy and discerning professionals.

The matchmaking team I have put together is diverse and talented, with over 100 years of combined matchmaking experience. When boarding new clients, we ask a whole panel of questions designed to draw insights from consistency, goals and ideals to deeply contained values ​​and reflections of past relationships. Our matchmakers actively listen to such reactions, paying attention to tone, inflection, body language, and expression when analyzing for consistency.

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Business leaders can apply similar strategies to identify key signs of potential workplace friendliness and business partnership compatibility. For example, our matchmakers encourage clients to have new conversations, such as casual interviews. When getting to know someone, you don’t want to question them, but you want to show interest. If you are looking for a business or otherwise compatible relationship, you can take a similar approach with the following questions:

1. What are you passionate about?

Asking someone else about their emotions allows you to understand their interests and get a closer look at their personality or lifestyle. Are they versatile? What aspect do they like about their work? Do they have a life outside of work?

The answers to these questions may indicate if one works hard and maintains a good work-life balance. Asking about hobbies and interests is also a great way to find out how people enjoy spending their time. You get a good idea of ​​how busy or relaxed they want to be and whether it fits your preferences.
Sharing principles and emotions also give people something to bond with. Not surprisingly, according to Psychology Today, disrespectful values ​​and lack of shared interest are among the most common causes of divorce. If you want a lasting personal or workplace partnership, passion will often be a key point of connection. For example, Ben and Jerry formed in 1978 when Ben and Jerry developed a mutual love for food and a desire to change a business. When two people hold the same thing close and dear, they have something to bind together.

2. How do you manage your time and energy?

Many partnerships fail because of unbalanced roles. The partners believe that they entered into a mutually beneficial agreement only to find that one party is either unwillingly carrying the burden or willingly accepting much more than originally agreed.

Inconsistent time management philosophy and priorities make such divisions worse. When you and your partner prioritize the same things – be it a big project at work or a date night or looking for leisure time in your personal life – you are more likely to apply the same amount of effort and energy.

It is also important to know your partner’s energy cycle because if you expect your partner to try at the wrong time, excitement can occur. Find work and sleep schedules to better understand how and when they have the energy for work, socialization, and other tasks. Consistent energy cycles and time management philosophy can help strengthen relationships. You may decide to work in partnership to find a comfortable balance.

3. Do you have pet peeves or contract breakers?

Ask them what ticks them off. When people are late for a meeting they can’t stand and you tend to walk a few minutes beyond the point. Or maybe you are a big risk taker, and the other person is quite risk-averse. Find out where they draw their lines and be honest with yourself about whether you fit in with them.

Also think about where you draw your own line or what partnership will save you from happiness. For example, Chip and Joanna Gaines, a married couple who went from running a real estate company to building a successful brand by starring in HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have focused on putting together the right network to support them on many of their journeys. Has done. . As Chip writes in his memoirs, he likes “… those who say yes to life, yes to hard work and yes to risk, but those who are not yes-people.” Gaines knows they want to partner with people who are excited by the same thing, but those who simply say yes because they have been told and don’t ask questions will not lead their brand to success.

Finding out these make-or-break aspects is important because small things can make a connection, big things can break the same connection in a personal or professional relationship.

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As a professional, you know how to create a business plan, focus on a goal, and reach it. You know how to make meetings workplace and you need support and expert advice for important initiatives and projects. Building new relationships – be it a business partnership, a coworker or your personal match – can be the same. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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