Find like-minded, entrepreneurial colleagues in this new founding group

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Starting your own business is not for everyone, which is why most people do not run it. It is a difficult and lonely path filled with various challenges and obstacles depending on your art, personal background and abilities. One thing is for sure: Experienced peers like the founders do not have the same access to advice, ideas and criticism as other employees.

To help founders meet the special needs of communicating and working together,’s founding community members collaborate with colleagues to maximize their productivity. From helpful problem-solving sessions to monthly deep dives and more, these communities are positioned to lead their businesses and companies to continue growing indefinitely.

As the foundation of these progressive communities, (4.2 / 5 star rating on GlassDoor) has a history of helping startups over one million startups. Apply for consideration today and discover how you can get answers to your most founding-specific questions from fellow entrepreneurs who have solved the same problem themselves.

Once you’ve found a place in a founding community, you’ll be connected to a dedicated startup advisor who will help you access all the valuable resources that come with membership. You can submit current work to a pitch deck review team, get my advice from an expert growth marketer, talk about the daily hangups in your industry peer group, and get programming guidance from your dedicated technical guru.

The founding community members of agree that they offer a special community that can support them in areas where they would otherwise have been their own. Created for the founders, by the founders – the concept of these communities is linked to Will Schroeter, the founder and CEO of “We created it from the experience of helping over 1 million founders on our podcast, startup therapy and platform,” he wrote.

Apply for consideration for a founding community today. If selected, you will receive a 30-day window for a 100 percent refund if not satisfied.

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