Epic Games and Lego work together to create a metaverse for kids

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From that day Fortnite Video games created by Epic Games Was launched in the market, It has become a favorite sport of children all over the world. For 90 years Lego has inspired millions of children with its building blocks that allow them to build and build cars, houses, castles and spacecraft in the real world.


Both companies have some similarities: Their target audience is children .

Now Epic Games Creator of Fortnite and Lego Join forces to create one Metaverse For children that guarantees them a safe and fun place. Through a statement Nils B. Christianensen , CEO of The Lego Group commented: “Children enjoy playing in both the digital and physical worlds and move smoothly between the two. We believe that there is a lot of potential for them to develop lifelong skills like creativity, collaboration and communication through digital experience. But we have a responsibility to make sure that these are safe, inspiring and beneficial for everyone. We are committed to digital play, just as we have protected children’s right to safe physical play for generations. “

Metaverse is something new and in many ways, still unknown. We know it will transform the way we communicate and communicate in the digital world. As interesting as it is, we know it too This will bring significant cyber security risks And effects. Children are usually the most threatened in the digital environment and what Epic Games and Fortnite are looking for is To create an environment that guarantees the safety of children It follows three principles: protecting children’s right to play, prioritizing their safety and well-being, protecting their privacy at all times, and empowering them with tools that allow them to control their digital experience.

Both organizations have previously worked on ways to keep children safe Has been working with Lego since 2015 UNICEF Creating plans that help companies create an environment where children’s rights are respected. For its part, Epic Games has acquired Awesome In 2020, a platform aimed at guaranteeing a secure digital experience for users under the age of 16.

While details surrounding this new metavers are still rare, such initiatives are to be applauded. We are all interested in digital development and the virtual world, but user safety (especially the smallest) should always be a priority.

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