Entrepreneurs around the world need Ukraine and beyond

David Anderson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Entrepreneurs’ Association

The Entrepreneurial Organization (EO) stands by the millions of people in Ukraine whose lives and livelihoods have been severely damaged by the effects of Russian forces. As members of a global nonprofit network, we have the opportunity to support those Ukrainian communities whose sense of security, survival and hope for the future has been utterly challenged. The lives of more than 11 million Ukrainians who have been displaced from their homes have changed dramatically, and countless others who have remained. However, this is not the only complex problem in the world. Entrepreneurs-naturally agile problem-solvers রয়েছে are in a unique position to lead and help communities in crisis everywhere.

In fact, entrepreneurs often work between first-time donors and volunteers, providing innovative solutions and quick assistance when needed; Often before governments and aid groups are able to come together. We see these unique skills being activated in Eastern Europe, and all over the EO world. Members are tapping into their networks to arrange donations, transportation and vital supplies, and to arrange rehabilitation options for refugees. Others are using their influence to inspire personal, corporate and chapters that provide a lifeline for displaced families and children in real time. We thank these EO members for coming together to provide the necessary, practical relief for our fellow human beings in this extremely difficult time. Their efforts put our values ​​to good use.

While EO is not a humanitarian relief organization, we are a global connected network of global builders, builders and problem solvers who share core values ​​and a higher purpose to move the world forward. So while we hope for a viable path to peace in Ukraine, as entrepreneurs, we can each do our part now and in the future to contribute our skills, resources and help in the relief and recovery of Ukrainians. The world needs you: your talent, your leadership, your perseverance and your heart.

To learn more about the wave of global support building across the border and to explore ways to get involved, see Real Help for Ukraine, a website created by EO members to integrate members’ efforts, or join the EO Ukraine Support Group in Telegram.

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