Email protection for WordPress helps keep your customers’ emails secure

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In the modern age of cybercrime and data crawling snoops, data privacy is everything. But it’s more than just cybersecurity to protect your business data and revenue. Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to protect their customers from data theft or irresponsible use. This is why email security is so valuable to businesses that use some WordPress, such as the WordPress plugin.

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This intuitive plugin protects the email addresses displayed on your website from being detected and captured by web crawlers. Many data miners will hire programs to crawl the web and add any email address available to the resale list. Email protection does not allow this, ensuring that email addresses associated with your site are only visible to people who wish to view them.

It’s easy to set up. With just a few clicks, you can install and configure email protection for automatic protection of any email address on your site without the necessary coding or design skills. The plugin ensures that there is no email address in the source code of your web pages and allows you to customize your security by selecting the font, size and color to display the protected email addresses. Email protection lets you create shortcodes with configurable options and insert secure emails to your website as quickly as possible, and even lets you export and import your settings and saved shortcodes so you can quickly move customizations between websites. It also offers custom CSS support for your specific website and dynamic content support.

Protect the email addresses associated with your website or websites A lifetime subscription to the email protection WordPress plugin for a website is selling at $ 9.99 with a $ 37 discount. শতাংশ 97 off ten percent for ten websites at $ 19.99, or শতাংশ 39.99 off শতাংশ 197 for 79 percent off unlimited websites.

Prices are subject to change.

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