Elon Musk throws huge ‘cyber rodeo’ party at Tesla factory opening

If Elon Musk is going to do one thing, make sure everything is as big and up as possible.

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Thursday’s opening party for Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Texas was certainly no exception.

The plant is the sixth for Tesla, which now operates across three continents since the Gigafactory opened in Berlin earlier this year.

Tesla’s original car, wearing a cowboy hat and black sunglasses at the 2008 Roadstar, was part of a masquerade event before he got to the “Steel DRE” in Dr. Drew’s so-called “cyber rodeo.”

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A guest took TikTok to show a time-lapse video of the event, which featured neon-colored lights, equipped Tesla vehicles, and no shortage of robotics.

alrealmeetkevin Cyber ​​Radio Timelaps | Giga Texas #tsla #tesla #gigatexas #cyberrodeo ♬ motto – Tiësto and Ava Max

In a follow-up video, the same user অপেক্ষাRealMeetKevin waits in an approximately 40-minute-long line for guests to purchase merchandise from the event, which includes $ 75 gigafactory belt buckles, $ 90 pullover hoodies and $ 50 Tesla branding irons.

alrealmeetkevin #Tesla Austin #gigafactory #cyberrodeo

Another guest went to show off a giant Dogecoin doge plastered with lights across the sky as it opened on Twitter, the crowd roaring as the meme debuted.

Musk himself went to the main stage around 10pm to speak to thousands of people, promising the crowd and customers a rollout of fully automatic self-propelled vehicles that he claimed would be 10 times safer than man-powered vehicles.

“The car will be able to take you anywhere … it’s going to revolutionize the world completely,” Musk told the crowd. “It’s one of the things that rarely happens.”

He further explained that 2022 would be a year of “scaling up” for the company before the “huge wave of new products” of 2023, which would include a robotaxi that would show “quite futuristic” and a Tesla cybertruck.

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“It’s been an intense few years, but we’re going to do it for you next year, and it’ll be great,” Musk promised the car..

He even showed a prototype of a hominid robot called Optimus which he said could potentially roll out next year.

“Optimus will do what people don’t want to do,” Musk said. “No. Terminator Things or things like that. “

Before leaving the car, Kasturi stopped the crowd, saying “to start the party,” and as soon as they got out, there was a huge display of fireworks in the night sky.

“I love you,” Musk said.

As of Friday morning, Tesla was up 50% year-over-year.

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