Cult-favorite concession items will not return to the 2022 Masters, others will increase

The Masters Golf Tournament, popularly known as “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”, is one of the biggest events of the year for golf fans and players, and thousands of people trek to the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia to see the sport’s biggest name. Game for one.

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But while golf itself may be the main event, the Masters tournament is notorious for something else – its surprisingly low discounted price, which includes an abundance of cult-favorite items that fans return year after year.

With sandwiches and burgers selling for less than 2, the Masters menu is in stark contrast to the extra food and drink lists at many large sporting stadiums and matches, allowing $ 20 to go far in the tournament.

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“Despite the simple green-and-white sandwich board and no-frill menu offerings, innovations have occurred over the years, from breakfast proposals to permanent discount structures, to souvenir cup changes,” the Masters website reads.

One of these cult-favorite items is a dessert treat called Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich, which consists of a scoop of homemade peach ice cream served between two batter sugar cookies.

Unfortunately for fans of the famous sandwich, it looks like some bad news is coming to this year’s tournament.

Due to the epidemic and supply chain problems due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the sandwich will be no-go on the menu in Augusta.

There was news First report On Twitter Golf Journalist James Colgan, quoting Amen Corner discount stand. (The trio of holes 11, 12 and 13 are known as Amen Corners because they are the hardest.)

Naturally, Masters fans and optimistic participants were not thrilled to hear the news.

And while some menu items have risen sharply due to inflation (the most expensive being beer, which is now বা 5 per pop for domestic or imports), most items are still in the 1.50 to $ 3 range.

For fans on the Masters menu, there’s still reason to rejoice – the famous Pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches are still priced at $ 1.50 and there’s still plenty left for 2022.

“Pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches have become an iconic food staple of the Masters Tournament, like the official drinking of milk by the Mint Julep or Indianapolis 500 winners of the Kentucky Derby,” the tournament boasts. “They sit at the top of the masters menu, but they’re complicated – creamy pimento cheese or egg salad spread between two slices of white bread. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and an afternoon break at the Augusta National Grounds.”

All other sandwiches, from the Masters Club to the classic chicken, a variety of cold-cut sandwiches cost 3.

Other notable inexpensive snacks are chicken biscuits and blueberry muffins for breakfast (both 1.50) and the favorite Georgia Pecan caramel popcorn, which is $ 1.50 per pop (for irony purposes).

There are currently seven operating concession stands throughout the course.

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