Clubs that have won four consecutive Tiger Woods Championships sell at record highs

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Tiger Woods golf clubs are literally a fortune.

When Woods competed in his first Masters in 14 months after being injured in a car accident, the iron set used 20 years ago in his legendary “Tiger Slam” season sold for $ 5.1 million at the Golden Age auction last weekend.

The purchase turned Woods’ clubs into one of the highest-earning golf memorabilia in history – a long shot – wearing a jacket on the previous high set by the first 1934 Masters winner, Horton Smith, for a modest 682,000.

The auction opened on March 23, with the Golden Age auction tweeting a picture on the 24th Caption“Tiger Woods, 8 Iron, 2001. Keep it in the Louvre.”

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Todd Brock, a fan of Avid Woods and a former owner of the clubs, bought the irons in 2010 from Steve Mata, the former vice president of sports promotion, for 57,242. When Brock praised the clubs for 12 years in his office, he told ESPN that “it’s time for someone else to do something bigger and better with them.”

However, when the clubs first sold out in 2010, Woods claimed that the set in question was still in his garage. The mother then took a polygraph test to confirm the veracity, with Brock doing additional research and photo matching to prove the legitimacy of the winning clubs.

Woods ‘agent, Mark Steinberg, reiterated Woods’ earlier claims about the clubs in the news of their re-enlistment. Golf Digest.

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The bid started at $ 25,000, then became the highest-earning golf memorabilia in history at 5,156,162.40 and the second highest sports memorabilia after the রু 5.6 million Babe Ruth jersey bought in 2019.

The title list went to an anonymous buyer stamped with “TIGER” on each of the sets, which surpassed multiple individuals across three continents.

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