Carlos Slim Helu is still the richest man in Latin America

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Forbes The magazine has published a list of the richest people in the world and Carlos Slim Helu The owner America Movil, Telmax And Carso Group Telecommunication Group, reappears as The richest man in Latin America . According to the publication, the trader has luck $ 81.2 billion Dollars and ranks Thirteenth The publication does that ranking every year.

He was subdued by Getty Images

In 2021, the Mexican businessman of Lebanese descent was in twelfth position with a fortune of $ 62.8 billion. In other words, despite the hardships of a world plagued by war and epidemics, Slim has increased its fortunes by 42% (or 18.4 billion).

Carlos Slim first appeared on the list in 1991 with a fortune of $ 1.7 billion. In 2014, it topped the list with $ 54 billion, removing Bill Gates, who had led it for 14 years.

Other Latino and at the top of the list

According to the list, Latin America is the second richest German Laria The owner Mexico Group The mining company, with assets of $ 30.8 billion and is ranked 45th. Chile Iris fontbona And his family, the owner of the consortium business Luxic Group 67 is ranked 67th with $ 22.8 billion in assets

Eleven Mexicans, 60 Brazilians, six Argentines, six Chileans (excluding Fontbona), four Colombians, three Peruvians, two Uruguayans and one Venezuelan are also in the rankings.

According to the list, the richest people in the world are:

  1. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX): $ 219 billion
  2. Jeff Bezos (Amazon): $ 171 billion
  3. Bernard Arnault and his family: 158 billion
  4. Bill Gates (Microsoft): $ 129 billion
  5. Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway): $ 118 billion
  6. Larry Page (Google): $ 111 billion
  7. Sergey Brin (Google): $ 107 billion
  8. Larry Ellison (Oracle): $ 106 billion
  9. Steve Ballmer (Microsoft): $ 91.4 billion
  10. Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries): $ 90.7 billion
  11. Gautam Adani (Adani Group): 90 billion
  12. Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg LP): $ 82 billion
  13. Carlos Slim Helu (America Movie): $ 81.2 billion

This list is based on stock prices and currency exchange rates until March 11, 2022, and net values ​​may change daily.

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