Bosch buys British startup Five and bets on auto driving

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German auto parts and technology companies, Bosch Cambridge-based startup acquires, Five To strengthen its position in the automated driving and software market. However, the amount of purchase has not been disclosed.
Within Bosch, the startup will strengthen the company’s agile project framework for developing autonomous vehicles by integrating software from both parties to achieve a single solution, for which it will be part of the ‘cross-domain’ division of Bosch Computing Solutions.
In a statement announcing the transaction, Marcus Hein A member of Bosch’s board said the company wants Five to “add extra speed to our work in creating software for safe automated driving and to offer our customers European manufacturing technology.”
In addition, it was reported that five “preferred Bush over other takeover bidders”, which it did not identify, and the agreement was signed in early April.
The agreement is still subject to the approval of antitrust authorities. Well, it should be noted that Bosch has recently acquired the company Atletico , Which designs high-definition maps for autonomous cars and simulations. Through this, the German company became the only company that could provide its customers with all the necessary components for automatic driving: from aquaters, sensors and maps to software and engineering environments.
Five is currently focusing on a cloud-based development and testing platform for software used in self-driving cars. The tech startup employs 140 people in six locations across the UK.

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