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My startup Little You, a website that engages kids in brain-teasing in the form of games, we spent a lot of time trying to climb the ladder of search engine optimization with some initial stumbling blocks and eventually found success.

Here’s how you can avoid the former while achieving more of the latter.

The content remains king

Your writing must always be attractive because it attracts new eyes and ultimately makes them regular readers. The visitor should quickly solve all his questions by absorbing your advice. If you do not have this skill set, hire someone like that. As a result, be sure to focus on quality rather than quantity when focusing on repeating keywords that you may find useful.

Accurate caption capture

Before creating a post you should spend time looking for keywords with high traffic and low competition. I recommend ahrefs (i.e., profile analysis link) because it gives you updated data. For my startup, Ubersuggest was as invaluable as it was free.

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Technical SEO and backlinks

Technical search engine optimization is done throughout the website while on-page and off-page SEO is done for a specific post on your page. Backlinks, when mastered, will also significantly increase your overall score. The better the quality, the higher your page rank will be.

Follow the algorithm

The secret behind the most popular Google results is constantly changing. If you want to rank your website, you must keep an eye on this ever-evolving ball. Customize your domain according to the algorithm and your site will rank in a short time keeping in mind to stay updated.

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Develop a strategy

Consider why your business needs SEO. Knowing what your website needs will help you figure out where to start, so make a detailed list of basic requirements.

To maximize results, you must allocate a reasonable budget for the same right from the beginning. The more your estimated costs are mapped, the less vulnerable you will feel.

Define your terms

The world favors phones and people prefer mobile versions of websites, so creating a pocket-friendly page will help drive more traffic. If your product is new, it is important that you educate your audience about why it is an improvement over what is already there. Don’t assume that people already know about your business. Be creative and innovative in education.

Reach out to global audiences

Your SEO and the content of your website should be designed in such a way that it is readable to people in other countries including different dialects. Use simple language so that your page can be easily translated into multiple local, national and international versions with backlinks from local sites.

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