Amazon has again raised prices for prime members. Is it still worth it?

There seems to be more bad news for Amazon Prime members. In the case of Amazon Music, the latest price increase for the service makes Prime subscriptions virtually useless.

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Online Behemoth shares that it will increase the price of its Amazon Music Unlimited plan for Prime members from $ 7.99 to 8.99, as well as the price of a “single device” (either an Amazon Echo or Fire TV) subscription by $ 1, from $ 3.99.

Most notably, the price for non-prime members will be $ 9.99, which means that prime members will now get only $ 1 discount on unlimited music service starting May 5th.

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Those who are currently using the service as part of a trial period or promotional offer will still be able to retain the signed up discount. “Once that period expires,” Amazon said in a statement, “we will respect the original subscription price and applicable tax for a billing cycle. The new price and applicable tax will then be billed into the bill.”

This latest price increase is due to increase in February for the annual Prime membership, which increased from $ 119 to $ 139, while the monthly subscription increased from $ 12.99 to $ 14.99. This is the first service increase since 2018.

Consistent with this news, Amazon was up 3.34% as of Wednesday morning and down about 1.63% year-over-year at the same time.

It should be noted that the new annual price of Amazon Music for Prime members is still competitive with other streaming giants. Spotify offers customers a free first month before charging a āĻĢ 9.99 monthly fee for the premium service (which allows unlimited, ad-free access to all libraries). The equivalent of Apple Music, dubbed Personal Plan, also runs a $ 9.99 monthly fee.

Is it small? Amazon Music Unlimited boasts the cheapest price for unlimited music streaming for Prime members, but if music is the primary reason you signed up for a Prime membership, it may not be worth it.

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