Amazon has added a 5% ‘inflation’ fee for sellers

Inflation has hit almost every industry so far this year, with a new report from the Department of Labor showing that inflation rose to 8.5% per month in March, the fastest growth in 40 years.

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, including labor shortages and supply chain problems that have resulted from the epidemic, have forced companies to compensate for lost revenue by adding fees or raising commodity prices.

Amazon’s latest reason for doing so is that the company announced on Thursday that it would charge a 5% fee for “fuel and inflation” for third-party vendors on the retail site.

The new fee is set to roll out on April 28 and will be equivalent to an additional $ 0.24 per unit of each product.

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“Like many, we’ve experienced significant cost increases and exploited them wherever possible to minimize the impact on our sales partners,” an email shared with Amazon third-party sellers that received Fox business The statement said, “When we increased the fees, we focused on addressing the fixed costs and ensuring that our fees were competitive with those charged by other service providers.”

Amazon has not publicly commented on the new fee.

The e-commerce giant has been raising fees over the past year amid epidemics and competitive costs, especially for Prime member services.

Earlier this month, Amazon increased the price of Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime members by $ 1, with Prime members looking at an annual increase from $ 119 to $ 139 after the February price hike, with monthly subscriptions rising from $ 12.99 to $ 14.99.

The first price increase of their kind since 2018.

As of Thursday afternoon, Amazon was down more than 10%.

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