6 Ways to Save Big on Custom Printed Materials

Vladimir Gendelman contributed to EO, an EO member of Detroit and the company Folders, Inc. Its founder and CEO, an award-winning online printing company that has helped more than 5,000 businesses print more than 20 million presentation folders. The company has been one of the fastest growing private companies in America for three consecutive years. Made 5000 lists. Vladimir shares his skills to help entrepreneurs get the most out of your printing budget:

People like to say that it counts what is inside and it is true even if it is a little bit. But as designers, we know that the way something looks has a huge impact on the way others perceive it. A high-quality look is rarely found cheaply, especially considering the materials and crafts required for printed parallels.

More than 20 million folders printed for 5,000 clients, Company Folder, Inc. A leader in the field of folder printing. They specialize in helping intelligent designers increase our margins or save money for our clients. These helpful strategies will allow you to reduce the cost of your custom pocket folder without compromising on quality.

1. Get wholesale price

If you provide design or printing services to a large number of clients, ask for a wholesale discount. Typically, this is somewhere in the 20 percent ballpark, if you buy enough in bulk.

Pro Tip: Ask about being a reseller

Many printers do not list a “wholesale” feature on their site, but they do offer a reseller program that comes with similar discounts. There are often certain limitations involved, but this will often give you the best value when buying a large quantity.

2. Choose the right impression method

Not all impression methods are created equal. PMS ink, four-color processing, foil stamping, and embossing all create radically different looks — and their prices can vary depending on how many colors are in your design. If you are unfamiliar with the imprint method, an expert can point you in the right direction. Ask your printer which imprint method will be most cost effective for your specific project. That way, you can avoid paying extra for something you don’t really need.

Pro Tip: Choose a folder designed to save money

The nice thing about printing is that less is really more. Sticking to the essentials often results in a design that is more deliberate and less busy – saving you a considerable amount of money. Some printers offer folders with limited customization options, including a trade-off with a large reduction in price. These tend to be the most cost-effective options when you know you want to focus on a specific impression method and don’t need a bunch of expensive extras.

3. Look for hidden free

Some features are completely free and you may not even know about them. Spend some time exploring all your options and finding complementary services that your printer offers. If you have access to a free design review, for example, be sure to take advantage of it.

Pro Tip: Add a second pocket to your folder without any charge

When you order a folder, you are basically paying for the paper made of it; The cost of cutting and folding the paper is negligible. That means you are not saving money by confining yourself to just one pocket; If you plan to accommodate a large number of materials, there is no good reason not to explore the two pocket option.

4. Order an amount that fits your budget

If you work within a limited budget, you’ll probably want a printer that offers short run folders. But keep in mind that the more you print at once, the more affordable it will be. 50 Foil Imprinted folders can cost around US $ 7 for a short period of time each, totaling US $ 350- this is a totally reasonable price, especially if you really need it. On the other hand, if you order 5,000 folders, you’re seeing something close to US $ 1.54 each – a savings of about 80 percent. Ordering in bulk makes you a more valuable customer from your printer’s point of view, which means they will work harder to get you back with another big order.

Pro Tip: Combine multiple client orders with different unique presentation folder styles

Printers that offer a wide range of sizes and capacities and styles make it easy to meet the needs of multiple clients at once (as opposed to splitting them into different printers). If you know that you need to place multiple orders for several different clients, take advantage of this by ordering them simultaneously to save cash.

5. Avoid costly mistakes

Reprinting is very expensive, and if you let it go into production, a bright typo or wrong design element can ruin your whole project. To avoid costly printing errors, be sure to review all your artwork files closely before sending them to your printer; It will save you a lot of money, time and grief in the long run.

Pro Tip: Request a colorful digital proof

A regular PDF proof gives you a preliminary idea of ​​what your printed design will look like, but it is not very helpful in judging the color accuracy of your design. For a four color process project, you may want to request a digitally printed proof; This is the best way to ensure that your colors will print the way you expect. With many printers, your first color digital proof is free.

6. Do not pay for damaged or defective products

If you use a high-quality service, losses and errors are rare, but they do occur from time to time. By As soon as you find your folders, make sure you review them for any major issues.

Pro Tip: Find a lifetime warranty

Reviewing hundreds or thousands of custom printed folders one after the other is a tedious, time consuming process for which you probably have no patience. When the visual quality of your parallel is especially important, make sure the printer you are using offers a warranty without any expiration date. That way, you can get a replacement or refund when you find an error (without spending too much extra time on the problem).

It’s easy to print a great-looking presentation folder if you have money to burn. For the rest of us, it requires some extra planning and forethought. Equip yourself with knowledge and make sure you explore as many different savings options as possible. Remembering these strategies will not help you stay within your budget এটি it will help you identify the printers that are located to give you the best possible value.

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