3 stocks below শেয়ার 50 a share to buy now

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A lot of thought should be given to deciding whether to invest in a company, as investors always want to make sure that their hard-earned capital is worth risking before pulling the trigger to buy a stock. Attributes such as strong growth prospects, consistent earnings, and whether a company pays dividends are great places to start when evaluating an equity investment opportunity. Another important thing to consider is whether the share price of the stock you are considering falls within your overall budget.
For example, shares of some of the world’s most powerful companies, such as Amazon and Alphabet, are priced in the thousands, which of course makes it harder for retail investors to add shares with a tight budget. At the other end of the spectrum the share price is below $ 50. The fact that the stock prices of these companies are low enough does not mean that they are lacking in quality in any way.
That’s why we’ve now compiled the following list of 3 stocks below শেয়ার 50 a share to buy. Keep reading below to know more.

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This is probably one of the strongest semiconductor stocks you haven’t heard of, as the stock has become a major outperformer this year over more well-known names like AMD and NVIDIA. Rambus is a company that makes semiconductor and Internet protocol products, which include everything from memory and interface to security, smart sensors and lighting. The stock offers investors a great way to take advantage of the growth of data center space, as the company’s memory interface chips help enable maximum performance.
Rambus posted strong Q4 earnings results last February, including $ 45.3 million in revenue, up 107.8% year-on-year, a good sign that the small-cap company is moving in a positive direction in its new fiscal year. Rambus generated a record annual product revenue of 143.9 million last year, which is also much more than the 26% increase year after year. While this is not a cheap stock by traditional valuation metrics, it has shown relative strength in recent sessions and could be a great long-term holding if you are interested in radar under-the-semiconductor companies.

Such metals and mining stocks are on an upward trend in 2022, and investors should expect the uptrend to continue due to the continued strength of commodity prices. Tech Resources is one of the world’s leading producers of zinc and metallic coal and the company also mines copper, lead, molybdenum, silver and bitumen. Thanks to the lack of a positive outlook for zinc and copper prices, tough global demand, Tech should also increase its annual coal production considering the supply chain disruption caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
It is worth mentioning that Tech Resources 2021 has closed in a big way, the company has posted its highest quarterly and annual consistent EBITDA. The company grew its revenue by 72% year-on-year to $ 4.4 billion in Q4, an excellent indication of how strong Tech’s financial growth could be. Shares have been hovering around the 52-week high for several weeks now, so watch out for a breakout of this stock priced below $ 50 per share.

Continuing with the power of product themes, we have Vanek Gold Miners ETF, a great way to gain exposure to various gold mining stocks. Gold has been a strong performer this year thanks to its perceived safe-haven wealth status and continued signs of inflation, and demand for this shiny metal has risen following recent geopolitical turmoil. Gold mining stocks can potentially be a great way to gain leveraged upside returns when gold prices are high, but keep in mind that downward risks are also exaggerated.
These ETFs include some of the best quality gold mines, including Newmont Corp, Barrick Gold, Franco-Nevada Corp, and more. This is also an excellent pick because of how ETFs can reduce single-stock risk, as gold miners can be very hit or miss in terms of their performance. The Vanek Gold Miners ETF could be on the verge of reaching new 52-week highs in the upcoming session and is a tough way to add gold exposure below $ 50 per share.

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