3 easy ways to improve your energy and your work

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We all have periods in our lives where we feel like we’ve hit a brick wall. I know I have. Everything we’re trying to get off the ground is met by resistance. One door after another is closing in our face. These barriers can be very frustrating, and for good reason: they seem very unfair. But no matter how you may feel at the mercy of events, the answer does not fall into guilt or prey. It lies in you!

I have now been a business coach and public speaker for many years now. During that time, I explored calculation techniques, practices and methods. These range from brain-scans and Dawn meditation retreats to attraction Too much Expensive business consultants on a one-to-one basis.

A habit that may seem a bit “there” in its face is aligning your energy. This kind of thing can be really easy to dismiss as a bunch of hippie nonsense and even if we accept it we can feel that it is a luxury for which we have no time. But what if aligning your energies and reviving them brings you more time, clarity and energy?

As I say to my clients: If you open the door of your trust system and keep it unlocked, you will be amazed at what comes your way. I’m not talking about throwing it open and blindly accepting what you’ve been told. I say: Do not stand in the way of mere slander and denial.

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Don’t be the most resistant way for the universe!

I know, it can be difficult to connect the dots with the secret practice and the result of the bottom line. As a business-minded person, you are probably more concerned with practical strategies that will give you a competitive edge.

The problem is, though, that with the results you want for your business, you’re at the mercy of all sorts of subconscious programming that is pointing things behind the scenes. This means that you are probably not aware of the ways in which you are sabotaging yourself. If you ever (like me) stay away from a situation / opportunity / person because you feel unprepared to deal with it, or are afraid that you will present yourself as a cheater, you will understand what I mean.

Think of it this way: How do you feel about a person who is confronted by such a person? Are you more or less interested in helping them? If someone puts “I don’t believe in myself” up front, you’ll be more likely to consider helping them waste their time. It is human nature. When someone shows that they have the drive, the energy, the talent and the desire to learn, you go to the ends of the earth for them.

It is very easy to fall into complacency when we bring our business to the point of getting adequate wages. The drive to succeed beyond our means may begin to wane. If this is you, I would like to mention first that you do not attach shame or guilt. It’s perfectly normal to be where you are. Now that you are aware of this, though, about what you want to do from here.

You don’t have to believe in “out there” things to understand how your mood affects your day and the results you see throughout it. Go to a meeting feeling angry, and you will grow small with people. Do this, and they will not fear your anger, which will limit the productivity of that meeting.

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Your power influences others and how they relate to you

With this in mind, here are three simple things you can do to positively shift your energy and start seeing real benefits in your business as a result. And no, you don’t have to believe in privacy to make them work.

1. Smile

Yes, sorry. I know that for some of you, this energy is going to be the hardest. When I was at my lowest ebb, an engine block above my head seemed like less of an effort than a two-hour laugh. Still, it affects your strength and even your physiology!

The next time you have a bad day or are struggling with fatigue, try to smile. If you are embarrassed, move yourself somewhere, throw the biggest smile you can and notice the instant change in your energy. It’s deep, and I promise you: if you do it regularly, you’ll see huge improvements in what you get back. You will be less stressed, more energetic and more productive.

2. Be kind to your mind

I remember Prison break The star, Wentworth Miller, said this in an interview a while ago and it really stuck with me. She was suffering terribly from mental health problems and depression. A big part of his recovery was learning to speak to himself with empathy and care, as if he were talking to a friend or loved one.

Many of us struggle with the practice of self-love. When we make a mistake or make an incomplete result, our first thoughts often run to scream at ourselves. We’ll say something like “You fool! Why did you do that?” “You’ll never succeed,” “You’re not good enough,” and so on. Why do we do this to ourselves? You never tell anyone else (at least I hope you don’t).

As Miller said, when these thoughts come to your mind, try to counteract them with what you tell someone else. Tell yourself it’s okay and you’re trying your best, in good faith and with the best intentions. Give yourself a peep talk and be humble. Life is hard enough without being bad to yourself above all else.

3. Breathe before reacting

We’re pretty bad at this, aren’t we? Given that most of us sit for most of our work day, we are drowsy and breathe shallowly. This is terrible for giving our bodies oxygen, and as a result (and conveniently, a diet of processed foods), we lack a lot of energy.

Like laughter though, I encourage you to practice deep breathing throughout the day. It will do a little more subtlety and practice than laughter, so I suggest you look for some guided breathing work. It takes a lot of time and energy to get used to such habits, so stick with it. Another benefit of controlled breathing before making a decision or reacting to something is that you will be much more interested in acting rationally. By being less prone to more purposeful and ego / emotion driven activities, you can avoid more cases of self-destruction.

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There are countless more ways to go deeper into this, but if you can master these three exercises first (harder than it may seem) you will see a huge improvement in your productivity.

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